Friday, 23 August 2013

"That" Red Coat & a $2 Frock

We all know I'm in my element during winter, which seems to be well & truly over here in Queensland. Boo!! I love everything about it apart from the germs that fly around & the fact I have to be extra vigilant about that thanks so my wacky immune system. Some weeks ago I had the chance to wear my thrifted red coat. The "that no fit you" coat (thanks op shop Lady for throwing your two cents in!). Maybe she did want the coat herself. I really never would have thought I'd be wearing so much red. Not so long ago it was on the 'I don't think it suits' me list. How things have changed!

 Gratuitous garden shot.
And under the coat.....

Outfit Details.....

Grey & blue vintage dress - Secondhand shop
Red Debenhams coat - Vinnies op shop
Granny square crochet bag - Retro Metro
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Red bangle & scarf - Op shopped
Blue cardigan - Gift from my Sister
Boots, tights & red ring - Retail


  1. Love the red coat! It is such a classic style and I bet it can be worn with everything. The sales assistant obviously had dibs on it for herself. You should go and parade yourself in it in front of her!

  2. I love your "that no fit you" coat! Red certainly does suit you, and of course you are the queen of red, white and blue. (Well, maybe the princess, Helga is Queen!) You look cosy and beautiful. xxxx

  3. Love the coat. It looks great on you. I've often wanted a nice trench coat but for plus size also they are often shapeless and I'm drowning in it.

  4. You look gorgeous in red, loving your outfit today. Hope your having a wondrful trip, dee xx

  5. fabulous coat! You're wearing my favorite brooch

  6. Don't you just love it when bossy shop assistants put their two cents in? We've been having seven-degree mornings ... but I know you're not missing out on wonderful frosty days this week ;) xoxo

  7. Gorgeous outfit! I love the coat and the brooch...I have such a soft spot for them, luckily Etsy is crowded with them. Yours is a smasher.

  8. Ooo, the grey and blue frock!! YUM!
    Love this red coat, you totally rock it!!! Silly nosey woman knows NOTHING!
    Your accessories are always so damned PERFECT!!! I dream of raiding them.....XXX

  9. "Red coat look real nice on you"
    flower bag is so cool!
    Fall is arriving here and I am beyond excited. I just found the cutest vintage green knit sweater in a thrift and I WANNA WEAR IT!

  10. Silly op shop lady! This coat is perfect on you!

  11. You really suit red, you should wear it more often.
    The bag is gorgeous, I wish I had the knack for granny squares but my attempts have not been very good!


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