Friday, 16 August 2013

Majory Daw Frock Friday

I have worn this frock so much since I bought it at the Cooly Rocks On festival in June, but for some reason I haven't photographed it before. It's such a comfy style & a nice mid-weight fabric for winter, & I'm quite taken with this shade of blue too.
The Captain & I were in a local op shop, & can you believe we ran into op shop crush in a completely different op shop to his own (you can read about him here) who I haven't seen for ages. He made a bee-line for me, & during the rather awkward conversation he said he hopes he'll see me again soon with those puppy dog eyes. At least this time the Captain was there & I made sure I wrapped my arms around him.  The Captain even spoke to op shop crush, but even with that I'm not sure it sunk in. I'm so glad I wasn't there on my own, as op shop crush would have thought it was fate that we were in the same place at the same time. Crazy that with all the hours in a day & days in a week we would both be at a random op shop at the exact same moment. And even more funny is that he was buying a CD that we had donated to the op shop! Eerie!

Outfit Details......

Majory Daw 60's frock - My 50's Closet
Osti jacket - 50cents op shopped
Sarah Coventry Three Cheers pendant - freebie at Vinnies
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Blue stone & mesh bracelet - Red Cross op shop
Red ring - WAC
Blue bag - Endos op shop
Tights, boots & sunglasses - Retail


  1. A cute look - love that blue too and the jewelry is great.
    Op shop crush - I had a regular customer when I worked Saturdays at the Salvos - strange older guy who always told me how beutiful I was. I took to hiding out the back till he'd left!

  2. Love your dress, such pretty blues. And the jacket is very special too xo

  3. The jacket and dress seem to be made for each other. What are you going to do about op shop crush if even meeting the Captain doesn't discourage him?

  4. Eekkkkk I was hoping creepy pants was off the radar sweet.....rats coming across him.
    Look at you looking amazing in blue.....loving the fabulous tights.
    Not long till playtime in NZ......yay yay yay.
    Love V

  5. But maybe it was fate! Maybe there's a reason he keeps popping up! Just kidding...I hope he's not stalking you. He sounds more than a little creepy. Just popping by from the passion for fashion link up. I love this outfit, the jacket and dress together are just perfection!
    Donna xx

  6. With all kindness it sounds to me as though op shop crush lacks certain social skills to be able to pick up your not interested cues. You might have to be a little curt with him, if you continue to run into him and he makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Enough of him and lets talk about this dress and outfit. It is just fabulous my love, it's all perfection and that balance of everything else I love. The blue is beautiful on you and I'm totally digging the Osti jacket too. The Sarah Coventry pendant I'm still utterly in love with what a great freebie.

    You must be super excited for your impending trip. But do keep safe won't you?
    Big love my sweet. X

  7. Oy! Op Shop Crush...

    But I do love love love your entire outfit. Just perfect.

  8. That's a great frock, and it looks just perfect with the little jacket, those cool patterned tights and all your wonderful jewellery. Lovely!
    Oh Op Shop Crush is a harmless enough chap, it doesn't sound like he has done anything that indicates you should be worried. He's probably lonely, probably has social/emotional issues, and sees you as friendly and kind (which you are). You know you can always complain to the op shop manager where he volunteers if he oversteps the mark, but he hasn't, has he? xxxx

  9. I like the Majory Daw dress - made me think "See Saw Marjory Daw" the nursery rhyme. An Osti cardigan? I have never seen one before and I really like it. Beautifully accessorised as always. Dunedin is waiting for you!!! xx

  10. That's a beautifully put together outfit, I love it all!

  11. You look so beautiful I love this outfit and blue really suits you, that dress is lovely and those boots work so well. I am a firm believer in timing in life and maybe now he has seen you with your man he will step back a bit. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, me and you have a lot in common with our health and I have to say I love your blog just the way it is :-) Big hugs, dee xx

  12. Woah - I love this frock on you my lovely xoxox

  13. that necklace is tops but your op shop dude gives me the creeps! Can you carry mace where you live?

  14. ok amazing outfit! love all the blue, but all the different patterns! what a great find, and love how you styled it all!

  15. Love the monochromatic look of this... and how you did pattern on pattern. Perfect!!! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion! ♥

  16. there you go again, stealing my vintage loving heart, hahaa. greta outfit once again lovely lady. And the tan boots are perfect with the outfit too xx

  17. uh oh! It might eventually sink it, but it looks like you and the captain will have to start snogging in front of him. I love the dress, you have 1000000 accessories and they're all fabulous. Gorgeous enamel brooch xxxx


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