Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Horsea & Other Op Shopped Finds

I rarely get to garage sales, I would love to go to them more frequently, but Saturdays are often spent horizontal so that I can do something with the Captain on Sundays. They tend to be so hit & miss & rather time consuming driving from house to house. It's probably just as well really, otherwise I'd be bringing even more old stuff home with me.
 I did get to a little old man's garage sale a while back, & came home with my first pieces of Hornsea Heirloom pottery. I've become rather drawn to the retro patterns & colours. You see these pieces every now & then in op shops but they are asking fairly high prices lately. Hornsea pottery was founded by two brothers in 1949. The Heirloom range was Produced 1967 -1987 & designed by John Clappison.

I found yet another pair of Kumfs wedge sandals at Salvos for $4

A sweet green jacket with braided trim down the front
Endos Paddington

And the Captain scored with the funky-dory green polyester polo shirt which was $5.

3/4 sleeve cardigan with birds in blue


  1. LOVE! that bird sweater at the end. The color is fantastic too!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. Hornsea made some amazing pottery, most of which I have only seen in photos. Very collectable!

  3. Oh the pottery is fabulous........I always love a good garage sale.
    The bird cardigan is just perfect for a vintage bird girl.
    Love V

  4. Why yes who can pass on Hornsea, I love the retro patterns. I love your other finds but I'm squealing with delight for you over the bird cardigan, what a find. X

  5. Hellloo lovely!! Love the jacket, but me oh my I WANT that bird cardi!! xoxo

  6. I do rather LOVE your pottery! The green jacket and shirt are great and the bird cardigan just takes the CAKE, it was meant for a bird girl.

  7. I have a VERY similar jacket, with a matching frock!!!
    I adore 70's pottery, G is not so sure.!!!

  8. Hornsea Score!!! Love those pieces.
    Great shoes, jacket, cardi and top too.

  9. I see quite a bit of Hornsea around in the chazzas here, I do rather like it. Chunky and funky - like myself!
    Great jacket, sandals and cute cardigan. xxxx

  10. I have 2 friends who are huge hornsea fans.. I pick it up when I see it for them. Looks great en masse!

    I love that blokes' shirt.


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