Monday, 19 August 2013

Bon Voyage.......

In a little while we'll be flying over the Ditch....

To our beloved New Zealand

Our favourite place on earth

 And watching this view


 And hopefully seeing lots of these

And going to my favourite cafe

 Eating this

 With this guy

Plus these parents

And plenty of this, with the op shops mapped out

 Hopefully I'll get to visit my vintage paradise at Mayfield

 And K-Road

With packages for some special friends

as well as The Squirrels

And finally a week with our Aussie sis who married a Kiwi (and our nephew & niece)

We're super excited, & I'm just hoping my body will behave for the most part anyway (with plenty of horizontal rest days factored in). But I feel so blessed to be able to experience this beautiful country again.
I've got some posts scheduled while I'm gone so the blog won't be completely neglected, but I'll catch up with you all when we're back & I'm recovered!


  1. Yay! Have fun. I am sooooo jealous.

  2. Have a great sounds absolutely fabulous xx

  3. Arghhh are you coming to Wellington? COME TO WELLINGTON. If you do end up here, please give me a text or an email (027 6533 297 or georgianess at gmail dot com) and we can go vintage shopping! xx

  4. Tee hee it's only a few sleeps now till you will be at St so excited!!!!!!!!!
    Safe travels for you, the captain and your mum&dad.......happy happy dance!!!!!!
    Love V&W

  5. I recognise a lot of those places!

  6. Oh I wish we could meet up lovely - but it wasn't meant to be this time. But it WILL happen sometime I am sure. Have fun in my beautiful country :D

  7. Have the most wonderful trip, Leisa! Hug those Squirrels, Helga and G, and Penny-Rose extra hard for me! xxxx

  8. Wow, looks like you've got it all planned to perfection,seriously are those toasted sangas? they are HUGE! Have a great time, hope you find lots of goodies.

  9. Have a wonderful time I know you will. I am so excited for you getting to see the squirrels and Helga to. Keep well and have fun, love dee xx

  10. Have a fantastic time. I'm a tad envious, I must admit xxx

  11. Oh wow. When I saw the NZ photos I was swooning, but the fact that you are getting to meet up with Queen Helga and King G, plus the lovely squirrels takes it to a different level. Have a blast! xx

  12. Have a wonderful trip, it looks like my kind of holiday xo

  13. it looks like such a beautiful place and beautiful people too, you're so lucky! Have a wonderful time xx


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