Friday, 12 July 2013

Spinning on that Dizzy Edge

I was thrilled that the Captains day off just happened to coincide with the Paddington Antique Centre's vintage clothing sale. I had high hopes for this one, but I didn't find they had a whole heap on offer (in case you're wondering, yes I came home with one frock!). We enjoyed a browse around the beautiful building filled with everything vintage. It's housed in an old movie theatre, & it happens to be the one that my parents frequented when they were young.

 I've got a bit of a thing for deer heads. The goat trio were a bit on the strange side though.

You can see the remains of the movie theatre, but you must remember to look up!

Outfit Details......

Orange crimplene frock  - Op shopped at Vinnies
Bird brooch - gift from the Captain
Cameo brooch & handmade ring - Op shopped
Orange bangle - gift from Miss C
Blue bag - Op shopped at Endos
Cardi, tights & boots - Retail


  1. Hello sweet.......oh we would love to have the money to buy a deer day. That sounds mad....anyhoo.
    You are looking just wonderful in orange and blue....the bird brooch from the Captain is gorgeous.
    Does the dress have a tie to???? Yay.
    Have a splendid weekend.
    Love V

  2. OOOH that place looks fab! What a gorgeous building too, love your orange dress and bird brooch x

  3. I think I would love that shop, because it combines two of my favourite things - theatres and antiques.
    I have asked my brother, who is a rural type, to look out for some antlers for me, as I have a hankering for them too.
    Blue and orange - also two of my favourite things!

  4. Looking fabulous in orange and blue! It would have been lovely to go there. It actually reminds me a lot of the antique centre in Blackheath down south - it was housed in an old movie theatre too.

  5. Our old cinemas tend to become Wetherspoons pubs - which I love - but an antique centre would be equally fab.
    Love your orange frock and I love the Billy Goats Gruff - imagine how fab they'd be as jewellery hangers? xxx

  6. Wow vintage heaven!!! I would have come away with a lot more (hehe) Helloo there from House Of Harrie Hattie xxx

  7. What a cute frock! It's really too bad that you didn't buy much but maybe you'll find a super awesome piece when you go shopping. That's what I always think. "Maybe next time I'll find something amazing."

    The stuffed goats are funny. I've always wanted a stuffed piranha but my husband thinks they are tacky.

  8. Oh I just adore your orange frock! You may have inspired me to try orange on myself.

  9. I would love to see the old theatre! Not sure about the goats heads though lol I have the same cameo brooch :)

  10. Oh I love the orange and the blue - what a fabulous combination!!! I love old movie theatres, especially when they are turned into something else. There used to be one here that was really nice cafe. Not sure about the deer heads, I prefer mine made of china or glass!

  11. What a great day out, a shame there weren't more frocks lined up for you. Looking forward to see the one you bought soon. It's do lovely to retrace family footsteps. Hope the day didn't take it out of you too much. Love dear heads too!! Xo

  12. Our old cinema is still a cinema and I love that it's still going strong. It shows a lot of foreign and art house films as well as the blockbusters.

    I do love a vintage fair however I feel overwhelmed with all the goodies on offer, I can walk away with nothing.

    Cheerful and sweet outfit.

  13. I love your crimplene dress.
    I could get lost in that shop. Don't let me in there with a credit card!

  14. What a great place to browse! Even if you only found one frock, it's always nice to have a look, isn't it?
    Love your orange frock with the blue, a great combination.
    I must be the only blogger in the world who can't be doing with animal heads or antlers - no no no! xxxxx

  15. What an amazing looking shop, drool worthy for sure!The goat is a bit freaky though. Love your orange and blue outfit,they say that opposite colours work well together, just goes to show.


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