Thursday, 4 July 2013

Birthday Treasures

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front this week because I turned another year older on Monday. I had a lovely time out during the day with my bestie Miss J at the WAC for some lunch & a browse at the treasures for sale. Then my parents came over for tea & we had a quiet night in. I thought I'd better show you just some of the lovely gifts I received. I know some people aren't into the "look what I got" posts, so I'll try to be selective! Thank you to my girlfriends & family who know my tastes pretty well!

 My Mum gave me this super colourful handmade vintage bag found at a Nambour op shop. 
Isn't it a beauty!!??

 Along with a bird vase & sugar bowl
All op shopped of course!

 And some funny little bird figurines in their original plastic domes.

 Miss J gifted me this beautiful old domino set with dove-tailed details.

Plus a super kitsch embossed deer plate from West Germany. She has a matching one, both from a local garage sale.

 My dear friend Miss G made me this noteboard with fabric & ribbon. I've pinned some brooches on it for now. Plus my first Johnson saucer, & a teeny tiny vintage locket & earing set.

 From Mum....a gorgeous old amber brooch from a Sunshine Coast op shop
And a pretty hand knitted bed jacket

 A funky apron top from Miss J, plus a cardboard stag head from Typo.

I caught up with my lovely friend Miss C yesterday, & her gorgeous gifts included these beauties. An old Avon deer perfume bottle, & a blingy orange bangle.

If you follow my Facebook page, you'd know that my little girl shoes arrived from Clarks this week. They are literally for girls but I do have teeny feet. I was debating over the red or yellow ones for summer, but seeing as my very first pair of shoes were patent red it wasn't that hard to decide.


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you received some wonderful presents and that your loved ones know you well! My favourites are the locket and earrings set and that pretty pink cardigan. Beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday! As much as I hate getting older I do love all the goodies you get and you look like you scored big time!

  3. Hello lovely. So pleased that you had a wonderful birthday and love each one of your pressies. My faves the locket and earrings and the stag head, but also love the bag your mum gave you. You have been spoilt and its obvious that your ftiends know you very well. I hope you're not too exhausted from all the celebrations. Best wishes for a wonderful and healthier year!! Xo

  4. Happy Birthday for Monday! It looks like you got some great presents. I love getting op shopped gifts. Your girl's shoes are fabulous. I have tiny feet too. I bought a pair of boy's sneakers the other day because the smallest women's pair was too big for me.

  5. Happy birthday week! You got some fab things, your friends and family have got your taste down to a tee! Those Clarks' shoes rock! xxx

  6. Happy birthday! I love the look what I got posts, especially when it includes those cute bird figurines in the domes - adorable.

  7. Sending big Happy Birthday wishes. The gifts are all lovely, especially the typo deer head, I love those. The shoes are adorable, I think red was a great choice. Tam x

  8. Cute you!! YOu were all curly and now you're not!! Just like me - how does that happen?!
    Love the sandals..
    And the birdy gifts.
    happy Birthday!! People obviously know you well!

  9. What a lovely extended birthday you're having, Leisa! Lots of gorgeous gifts from loved ones who clearly know you and your tastes very well.
    Brilliant sandals - and such cute pics of little you! xxxx

  10. O my darling, such PERFECT pressies!!!
    You've been spoilt in the best way! I'm ratehr jealous!
    Your Clarks are heavenly!

  11. Happy belated Birthday.
    You got so many lovely gifts. That bag is so funky and wowza is that bangle ever awesome.
    Your new shoes are rather cute and I loved seeing the childhood pics.

  12. Happy Birthday!!! love those pics of you as a littl'un xo

  13. Awwwwwwww look you as a tiny tot. So gorgeous sweetie!! I love your new red sandals and I'm so, so happy you got such an amazing selection of beautiful gifts. I'm gobsmacked at every single thing!!!! You are much loved sweetie. xoxoxoxoox

  14. I won't single out any present as I love everything. What beautiful hair you had as a child!

  15. Happy Birthday! Love the red shoes. Lucky you having tiny feet. I often come across great shoes at thrift store that are too small for me.

  16. You are such a lucky girl! All your gifts are just so gorgeous, and so you! I especially love the locket and earrings set! (what can I say, I'm a floral-loving girly-girl!) xx

  17. So many lovely treasures!! I am jealous!

  18. Happy belated birthday to you! You got some wonderful things. Your shoes are lovely, I have such a soft spot for red patent shoes!


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