Monday, 3 June 2013

The Handbags & the Gladrags

I'm feeling rather sheepish about the fact that I bought 6 handbags in a matter of 2 days. Handbags are a major weakness of mine, along with frocks & accessories. I dropped into an estate sale of a lady who had collected many different things. There was glasswear, china, sewing stuff, clothing & furniture. You could roam the rooms of the house on your own. It was like stepping back to the early 70's, a bit of a time warp. I left behind the china & clothes but I did bring home 5 handbags at $3 a piece. They were rather unusual & there was a huge selection. I was really controlling myself by only buying 5!

 Wicker wood & leather bag

 Pink beaded raffia bag with plastic handles

 Orange beaded raffia bag
(there were heaps of these in all different colours)

 Black evening bag

 Super huge & functional brown vinyl bag
My everyday bags have to be big, I carry a mini pharmacy in them!

And I found another tan Fossil bag from Endos at a 10th of the original price. This one is perfect for travelling, & I love the tooled leather detail. 

Lastly I found a vintage sheet set for $3
Mmmm lime & orange (it's brighter in the flesh)


  1. Love all your handbag finds xx

  2. I love the sheets, what a good find.
    I am a handbag freak myself, although with me it's mainly the evening ones. I am trying to photograph them all but the light has been terrible today.

  3. What great finds! I love that very first wicker bag. I'm not much of a bag person, or any accessories for that matter but I love tooled bags, and so have a soft spot for the tan one, too! xx

  4. Great finds - love the first bag - great for summer.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Oh my goodness sweet I would have bought the lot.......$3 each...amazing.
    The wicker one is my favourite, but they are all pretty fabulous.
    Yip you just can't go past a good tooled leather bag ever....what about Vixs owl one.???
    Love V

  6. Tremendous selection of bags, I especially love the pink and orange beaded ones, I think I would have been tempted to snap up any other colours going too. Great print on that vintage sheet, would make a cute frock...xXx

  7. I have a terrible handbag addiction so I am in love with your finds. That wicker and leather one especially is just too awesome!

  8. No way! I was admiring a brown version of your pink find at yesterday's vintage fair, if it had been the same colour I'd have bought it instantly! xxx

  9. Wow, that's what you call a good day shopping!!! Well done for only bringing back 6, I reckon I wouldn't have had the same level of self control. I love them all, but rather fond of the wicker wood and leather bag. All very spiffy xo

  10. Wow that sounds like some sale! I would have loved to take a wander around that house..
    LOVE those kitsch plastic handbags..SO cool!
    How restrained - only 5!!

  11. That must have been fun - sadly, we have no estate sales around here.....

  12. Oh I can completely understand why you had to get ALL of them, and yes, you were very restrained in the circumstances, Leisa! Love them ALL! And the citrus-y sheet is a beauty! xxx

  13. Oh you crazy bag women. I see on FB you've been updating things. Is that really because your moving things around at home because you've got so much that you're busting at the seams? X

  14. Ooh I love all those bags - what absolute bargains! I think my favourite is the wicker one but it's a close run thing.

  15. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!! I am seething with jealousy!!!
    Having the same handbag addiction as your sweet self, I am rather impressed you were able to stop at just 5!!! I love them ALL! XXX

  16. $3 each? You couldn't not get them at that price. All of them together were less than the price of a new one. That wicker one is fantastic. I have a weakness for wicker bags.

  17. As someone with a bit of a handbag problem myself, I feel your pain. :) I couldn't have passed those up, either! The black beaded one is my favorite -- so cool.


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