Friday, 14 June 2013

Frock Friday........It was All Yellow

I have been building my outfits around this yellow cardigan lately. It's a hand knitted bed jacket from a hospice op shop. I have never ever worn yellow before, but it's growing on me. This frock is a recent purchase from the Gabba Antique Store. It's a cotton shift dress which is fully lined, & it happened to be a perfect fit & features my favourite colour. We took these photos on the way to my physio appointment in the riverside suburb of New Farm.

The Brisbane River isn't much to look at but the city skyline is pretty.

That's one of the City Cats which is part of the public transport system

How random that this is the second time I've met this teeny dog called Layla. She's a two year old Teacup poodle & her owner is a rather dapper elderly gentleman.

That's the 'Story Bridge' which you can pay to climb.

I'm in love with this riverside house. It's just gorgeous.

Outfit Details.....

1960's shift dress - WAC
Yellow cardi - Op shopped $1.50
Beaded bag - Vintage Hippy
Enamel brooch & yellow bangle - Etsy
Green pendant necklace - Ebay
Green bangle & ring - Op shopped
Boots, tights & sunglasses - Retail


  1. Ooh mellow yellow, I like it!! I see you have a great blingy bright yellow bracelet and I like that too. The river and the skyline are so different from what we have here in Dunedin. Those skyscrapers look HUGE!! Hope the physio appt went okay :-)

  2. I love that cardi and dress combo - especially the scolloped edges of the cardi, they are adorable. Thanks for sharing some photos of Brisbane with us:D

  3. You look beautiful in yellow, I can't believe you haven't worn it before! The little bed jacket and that fabulous dress are made for each other, I'd wear this outfit in a heartbeat!
    It's interesting to see you ina new location, with the impressive Brisbane skyline behind you. That house looks very impressive too.
    Hope the physio was helpful, have a lovely weekend, Leisa. xxxx

  4. You're gorgeous in this. The sweet floral shift and sweater are perfect together, but the bag and bling really make this look come alive. I like your skyline. Boats as buses are my favourite mode of transportation.

  5. There's nothing about this outfit that I don't like.
    I've never been to Brisbane, but I might find the climate bearable in winter!

  6. Beautiful dress, the lemon cardi combination is just dreamy xx

  7. love the colours on that dress! used to love buying my dresses from wac!

  8. Great frock with amazing colours!

  9. You look so pretty, can't believe you haven't worn it before. Love the bag and that adorable little dog and the scenery is breathtaking. x

  10. Yellow is very becoming on you my love. Yellow has been in my favourites list for a whole now. I have to be careful the shade I wear but I do love accessorising with yellow. Your dress is lovely because of course it features my favourite colour to. I just love this whole overall combo with the tights and boots. You're rocking it lovely. X

  11. I very much love your cardigan, and I am in love with the way that you've adorned it with gorgeous brooch! Aren't the City Cats great? I always make sure that I go for a ride in them when I visit Brisbane.

  12. Just loving you in yellow. It really suits you and I'm quite fond of the dress too. You look rather lovely my dear. I am also wearing a yellow cardi that my granny knitted and wore a lot lately. Mum and Dad bought it over when we saw them last year as my Gran has now passed and I just LOVE it!! Wow the city looks amazing, it makes me want to visit, something we have been meaning to do for quite some time now and that Riverside house, mmmmmm that's just Lovely. xoxo

  13. Such a pretty dress! Love the brooch and cardi and LOVE the gorgeous beaded bag. New Farm is my old stomping ground!

    Sarah xxx

  14. oh my. you look divine...i would rugby tackle you in a dark alley for that bag!!! love the jewellery and that colour cardi! and seriously, you cracked me up meeting random small dogs with the same name!!! now for real...what is the universe trying to tell you? you need to figure it out and tell us all! xxxx

  15. I am in love with the yellow daisy brooch!

  16. Hello Sweet...sorry I have been out of I have a yucky cold. Feeling like a bag of doo doo.
    But look at you.......a ray of sunshine on a grey old day.....the dress is perfect, love the pattern.
    That bag is truly a winner.
    sending love Vanessa


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