Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Collection Selection....The Bird is the Word

Birds are my first love. My love of birds started when my friend Miss J gave me a budgie many years ago & ever since we have had a bird as a pet. At the moment we have a naughty cockatiel called Cosmo. She escaped from a 'lady of the nights' house (who had too many animals) & turned up in my sisters yard. My sister gave the bird to me, seeing as I'm the bird lady. Cosmo loves me but dislikes the Captain with a passion. Whenever he walks past she bites & hisses at hin. When I walk past she runs to greet me, & her little wings tremble like a baby bird. She hates it when I leave the room & she screams if someone comes to the door. I had no idea cockatiels had watch-dog like instincts!

This collection started many years ago, obviously due to my love of birds.

My all time favourite salt & pepper shakers gifted to me by my 80 year old friend Betty

Old budgie box from a collectables fair

Divine kitsch salt & pepper shakers gifted by lovely Penny-Rose

Very old Japanese box that belonged to Betty's husband Jim

Vase from an antique fair

Sarah Coventry brooch

Bird pin above & brooch below gifted by darling Vanessa

Parrot brooch which was from a family friend who is no longer with us

Thrifted brooch

Blingy bird brooch gifted by my friend Miss C

More brooches

Damascene necklace, bracelet & ring set
Auckland Vintage Fair

Japanese salt & pepper shakers gifted by Miss J

Garage sale geese cups & spoons

My beloved op shopped owl

Glasses & jug
Op shopped

Tin tray gifted by Miss J

Embroidered pillow slip

Op shopped vase & bird below

Sad little budgie op shopped in Oamaru NZ

Bird hat pin holder gifted by Hannah from Boo Love Vintage

Ornament gifted by my Mum

More op shopped finds

Thrifted bird doilies

Birds on a branch from a shop in Dunedin NZ

Japanese singing bird in cage from an op shop in Roxburgh NZ

Op shopped box

Op shopped owl clock & plaque gifted by Tam

Garage sale Avon valet set

Sweet cross-stitch gifted by Miss J

Wall birds from a collectables fair

Op shopped egg cups

Wall plaque gifted by my Mum

Painting from a market in Matakana NZ

Garage sale cookie jar

Wooden box from the Suitcase Rummage

Original artwork by Miss J

Op shopped swans

1970's string art rescued from the side of the road 
It's big, heavy & ugly & yet kind of compelling.

I'm linking up with Op Shop Mama's collection selection.


  1. HOLY BIRDS! I love every little thing in your collection - there is something so gorgeously kitsch about birds :) xx

  2. Wow! What a collection. I love the stylised Sarah Coventry brooch and the elegant Japanese cruet. xxx

  3. Amazing collection, you definitely are the bird lady, ha. Particulary love your birds on the branch. Ps I think your birdie might be a boy, it has orange cheeks. Hubby had a pet cockatoo he thought was a girl. Turned out he was a boy named Sue.

  4. This is too too much. Just the sort of blog I LOVE. I am in the middle of photographing my little bird collection too and I can't wait to show you it. I need more owls!

  5. Wow, what a lot of birds! Love the wall plaque, the painting, the salt and peppers, all the brooches; well, I love it all really!
    I had no idea you had a cockatiel - and Cosmo obviously adores you, and guards you rather jealously! xxx

  6. Hey bird lady you sure earn that title without a shadow of a swallow. Wow, I am impressed!! Cosmo looks adorable and such a wonderful pet. My grandparents always had budgies and cockatiels and I really enjoyed them. My parents also use to have hundreds of birds at one point when I was young but it later only became an African grey which they still have 27 years down the line. I so adore all your birdie things, but my faves are the very gorgeous pillow slip, doilies wall cross stitch picture and the swans. Such a lovely post. Tweet tweet for now xo

  7. Cosmo sounds like such a character! I love the wing fluttering; we rescued a baby blackbird a few years ago and had to keep her with us overnight as we couldn't get her to the wildlife hospital that evening. During this time she stayed in the bath and was very vocal in letting us know she was hungry and would flutter her wings when we walked into the room and would happily be fed by one of us, then she would strut around the bath like a cartoon bird!
    The Sarah Coventry brooch is beautiful and the brooch with the two owls, the one on the left is so similar to the owl I have on a pendant xx

  8. You truly are a crazy bird lady (I mean that in the most loving way) that is some sort of collection there. How do you have room for anything else in your home. I rather like the kitschy birds and the string art piece. X

  9. You sure do love your birds!! Every brooch you showed is just so cute!!

  10. Oh Mah Garhd! So many beautiful bird goodies! I have a very modest bird collection, being a lifetime bird nerd myself, but NOTHING compares with your amazing collection!

    Sarah xxx

  11. oh my oh my! i am so in love with this collection! xxx

  12. You have a "flock" of birds!! All of them are just lovely, but your real one is my favourite, I think birds are so intelligent and its funny that she/he does not like the Captain. Is it a coincidence that you have also "collected" the Captain, who likes planes, and planes have wings just like birds??

  13. Gah too much coolness!!! I got a bit mesmerised as I scrolled down! I love the little kitsch painted ones most esp the salt and peppers and the blue one on a vase.. So cool.

    See that wooden laddery thing that the geese are on - did that come with those? I got one exactly the same and flung it in the kids' box of blocks, assuming it was from a doll house or something.. It features in a lot of the block creations!
    Thanks for the linkage.


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