Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cardi Camelian

The only knitwear I wear is cardigans. I can't stand the feeling of jumpers & sweaters that sit right around my neck. I think cardi's are better suited because I'm so hot blooded, & seem to overheat at the drop of a hat. Plus I think cardigans are more flattering over my not so flat tummy.
Here are some that I've found at the op shops the last few months.

Orange & brown geometric cardigan

 Red,white & navy stripe cardigan

 Apricot old lady cardi

Navy, white & yellow twin set cardi

Hand knitted blue cardigan

 I do have one question for my fellow frock & cardi wearers. One thing that bugs me when I wear a cardigan over a frock with sleeves is the lumpy bumpy arm thing that happens because of the frock sleeve underneath. Is there anything you can do to stop that or is it just a part of wearing cardigans? Jackets seem to minimize the issue, but I rarely get to wear jackets in Brissy because it's not cold enough. 
Any tips would be appreciated.


  1. They're are all lovely and I can see you mixing them all up to wear with your immense selection of frocks. X

  2. A very nice collection of cardigans that you have going. I'm sure you'll get lots of wear out of them this winter. I've begun pulling my cardigans out to now that winter has hit the Gold Coast.

  3. Love that first cardi, I sold a crochet-type 1960s jumper with the same label to a modette at the weekend!
    I never wear cardis, I get too hot and bothered in a anything woolie! xxx

  4. It is now official, you my dear are soon to be my shop assistant! I need you over here! I think we need to come to some arrangement of you shipping my wardrobe over. Love those cardi's, also a massive fan, can never have too many (like everything)! Love the red, white and navy stripe, but the last one, the blue is my ultimate fave!! xoxo

  5. I have the same sleeve bunching issue with cardies and have only found that cardies with a slightly 40's puffy sleeve (Not Anne of Green Gables puff sleeves mind you!)do the trick. I only wear cardies but am thinking that I may try to go crazy and give long sleeve blouses a go this winter.

  6. Your cardies are great. I'm a big fan of the cardy, because I suffer from hot flushes, but I hate wool or mohair next to my skin. I've never noticed the sleeve issue you speak of, but maybe that's because I go for cardies with looser sleeves.

  7. I love cardis, I have one of my nans which is fabulous and very seventies.

  8. Yay a cardy collection! I LOVE cardies. They are such practical things. I particularly like ones with pockets!
    I love the navy white and yellow one. I need a few more short sleeved ones.

  9. Crady......perfection.......Yay I love them. Epecially the more Nana the better.
    I have the problem with a couple of my dresses under some of my cardy's. I try to wear long sleeves under them so I can hold it as I put it on.....hmmm that may not make sense.
    Have a wonderful weekend V


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