Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Anniversaries & Cooly Rocks Clothing

I thought I'd better catch you up on the things I bought at the Cooly Rocks On festival. 
I got completely sucked into these two crimplene frocks from My 50's Closet. They fit like a dream & the ladies were kind enough to give me a generous discount for buying two. 

Lime green & olive crimplene

Marjory Daw blue frock....when I saw the label I immediately thought of cake lover Marjory from Little Britain

It has a really sweet trio of buttons on the chest....brooches added for my own amusement

I bought this maxi skirt at a Cooly op shop without trying it on. Doesn't quite fit so I'll be selling it soon.

Blue Italian plastic bangle from a Cooly op shop

And finally, yep I need another bag like a hole in the head, but it matches the blue dress SO well!
Vintage Goldcrest bag

Today the Captain & I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. Gee time flies when you're in love.
I knew at the age of 14 that I was going to marry the Captain. Here's a pic of us in our teen years (about a year after my revelation that I would marry him, which he didn't believe at the time as he had NO interest in me) performing in a church musical

Hmm....I'm the one with the twig legs. Gotta love 80's fashion!

And our wedding day 19 years ago. By this stage of our wedding I was delirious from pain as I became ill with M.E, a chronic auto immune illness 6 months before. Considering I was bedridden not long after our wedding for the next 6 years I am so glad we didn't wait any longer to get hitched. We have faced our fair share of tough times, but whatever the season our home is filled with love & laughter. And I'm blessed to be able to say he's still the man of my dreams.
So Happy Anniversary my Captain.
I love you!


  1. Congrats to you guys - 19 years is amazing! <3

    Love both of your gorgeous new frocks and HELLO THAT MAXI SKIRT IS ABSOLUTELY GOOOOOORGEOUS!!! I bags first dibs on it once you have measured and priced it!!

    Sarah xxx

  2. Happy anniversary! You've known each other almost your whole lifetime (just like us, Jon and I were in the same class in infant school although we didn't go out together till we were in our twenties!) and you are totally unrecognisable as a teenager.
    What lovely wedding photos and great buys. Love the buttons on the green dress and the Marjory Daws label! xxx

  3. Aww such cute wedding photos! Love those vintage prints, they are so vibrant and interesting! I was touched by your story, I hope you are feeling better these days! x


  4. What a lovely post my lovely and also hugs for braveness here. I think you looked soooo gorgeous on your day and especially knowing just how bad you felt! You are clearly blessed to still be together and yes, time certainly does fly when you're in love. I know the last 19 years have been really hard for you, but you keep us all smiling when we see yet another lovely bag, oh me! where on earth to you keep them all. Please tell me you have a walk in closet, because you NEED one! Loving the green crimplene dress and had a good giggle at thinking back of Mat as Marjory (thanks!). May the next 19 years be spent healthier (keep believing, I know you do!), but also more in love if that is possible! Happy Aniversary to you both lovely Leisa xoxo

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! This was really a very lovely post to read and made me smile that love can be so true. Congratulations and I hope that the years ahead for you two are just as happy!

  6. Happy anniversary lovely xxx

  7. Happy happy anniversary with many more to come!

  8. Happy Anniversary, Leisa! How fabulous that you found each other so young!
    Great frocks, and I knew Sarah would swoop in for that maxi skirt - it's a beauty! xxxx

  9. Happy Anniversary! Those wedding shots are fantastic - you both look like kids! Good score with those frocks and I love that blue bag.

  10. I love the button detail on the first frock. The colours are so you as well. Happy anniversary.

  11. What a gorgeous story, although ME sounds very debilitating you seem to be coping well.

  12. Happy Anniversary, 19 years is fabulous!

    I am now in love with that green dress though, I have far too many green clothes!

  13. Look at you.........the most beautiful bride. Happy happy anniversary guys.......that is just lovely.
    I hope you had a very special day together.
    Love the two dresses sweet.......
    Sorry I am still so under the weather with cold....commenting at the moment is pretty hard, I am so behind.
    We have snow today.....very cold.
    sending much love V

  14. GREAT scores. I have a dress with a similar fabric to that skirt..

    Happy anniversary.. You poor thing - I can almost see the pain in your face in that photo. How awful to be bedridden. Glad you seem to have better pain management sorted these days?


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