Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekend Fairs & Op Shop Finds

The Captain & I enjoyed a lovely weekend on the Sunshine Coast for the annual Collectables Fair. They say it's one of Australia's largest antique fairs under one roof. There was a big crowd at the fair, & lots of nice things, but I came away empty handed for once! That is a first! I'm becoming a bit more discerning about what I bring home as I have so much stuff already. But a big factor is the prices too....I think I get more joy from the treasure hunt & finding a bargain at op shops or garage sales. But I do enjoy finding inspiration at the fairs, & seeing the crazy prices on things I already own.

I loved the display of view masters. Mine was one of my favourite toys as a child. 

The Captain loves old airline bags, but doesn't have one of his own yet!

Here's a catch up on some recent-ish op shop & garage sale finds.

Pink apron with 3 big pockets

A GREEN sparkly brooch which I've worn HEAPS

A 50cent green ring to match

A sweet novel/book about a career in fashion from 1962
RCPCA op shop

Little chicken mug
Garage Sale

Salt & Pepper cruet set 
Made in Japan & never used, but I smashed the Mustard lid! Oops!
Garage Sale

I'll soon fill you in on what I found at the op shops while we were away. Of course I didn't leave them empty handed!


  1. I'm glad you had a lovely time away. The cruet set is lovely, I would have been right old peeved at myself for breaking the lid. Either it is a beauty and so colourful. X

  2. You always manage to find the best jewellery bits at op shops! That apron is so vibrant! xx

  3. It's great to browse at fairs, but some of the prices are a bit crazy, aren't they? I prefer the fun of markets and charity shops too. I am relieved to hear you didn't come home empty handed from the op shops, Leisa, I would have been seriously concerned!
    Great brooch and ring, such a pretty apron, and the cruet set is still gorgeous, even with the lack of a lid!
    Nice shopping, Fashion Girl! xxxxx

  4. i wish we had fairs like that around here. The salt and pepper shaker are way too cute

  5. I also went to the Antique Fair in Caloundra and had very similar thoughts. Lots of lovely things to look at but I do believe I prefer the thrill of the hunt in my local oppies!

  6. I'm glad you had a lovely time and a good old browse. Some of the prices are ludicrous, aren't they? I'm always being told my prices are "really cheap" but who wants to visit fairs and see the same old stuff time after time? Much better to move it on quickly!
    Love your dress and that Fashion Girl book is so pretty! x

  7. Nice finds. I especially love the green brooch! And the book looks so good. How I love a book written in mid-century. So interesting to read how people thought.

    (I am visiting from our friend Vix's page. Seeing that she commented above me, it is good to find myself in such good company :)

  8. Was that the same Elisabeth Beresford that created The Wombles, do you think? Love the ring and brooch esp.

  9. fashion girl looks like a great read! The colour of the brooch and the ring are just gorgeous! I'm eyeing up a lot of things on those stalls! xxx

  10. I love hunting collectibles too, and I'm totally not embarrassed to admit that I let out a squeal when I saw that they had View-Masters in the fair you attended. I still have 2 of my View-Masters in great working order. I have a lot of Disney and classic TV show reels, and I'm still looking for more to add to my collection. - Francesca @ Image 3D


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