Monday, 13 May 2013

Sunny Coast Finds

I've finally had the chance to photograph my finds from our weekend away on the Sunshine Coast. I did tell a fib when I said we didn't buy anything at the antique fair. I bought my Mum a couple of things for her birthday. But apart from that I had more luck at the op shops then the fair. 

Mum mentioned one day that she had always wanted a toast rack
And something to add to her collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses

And my op shop finds.........

Donkey burro from my fave dingy op shop
I now have 3.....another collection????!!!

A hand knitted bed jacket/cardigan in new condition
I've never worn yellow before, but all week I've been planning my outfits around it!

 Another tooled leather bag
I thought $2.50 was pretty good, until I saw Op Shop Mama's 20cent bag!

 1960's sewing & craft book
It contains beginners instructions on crochet, cross-stitch, sewing, knitting

 Tips on how to dress for your figure
Well before Trinny & Susannah came up with the idea!

 Old patterns for 5cents each

Some more Nana knit coat-hangers
15cents each 

I love how they are wrapped in funky fabric & then knitted over the top
Such effort went into making these!

Pink & orange bling brooch
$1.50 Lifeline

 Flower in resin brooch
$1 Lifeline

 Resin rings 50cents each

French made mohair hat
Perfect with my brooch from a friend Miss C

 Japanese Koeshi doll

 A hand knitted doll....Yip it was the green outfit that grabbed me!
At $3 I couldn't resist.

So the op shops definitely trumped the antique fair for me this year!
I hope all of the Mother's & Grandma's had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. I think maybe there should be an Aunties Day too!


  1. I love the toast rack and the rooster tile. I've just taken photos of my crazy china bird and animal collection so keep an eye out for them!

  2. I love the tooled leather bag! I've a thing for Golden Hands magazines, too.They are so complicated to follow but the pictures are gorgeous! People must have been a whole lot cleverer and more creative in the 60s and 70s! xxx

  3. Love that pretty yellow cardigan!

  4. Great finds... as always! I'd love to flick through that Golden Hands book!!!

  5. I have a little cart ornament that looks exactly like the one you found, only mine has a duck. They're sweet little things!!

  6. Love that little donkey, two is definitely the start of a new collection!

  7. Love that kitchen set, the tooled bag was still a great bargain (even if Linda got one cheaper!) and I spy a jumpsuit in the magazine that a certain S. Misfit would love! Aren't those illustrations fab? And no one can ever have enough padded coat hangers or vintage bling! xxxx

  8. Yes for Auntie's day! LOL. I hope your day was fabulous. You found lots of great treasures. I love poking around for the perfect old thing to take home.


  9. Oh wow scores!!!! You did well -I love a good haul post!
    Love the trivet and the set with it.. and the coathangers (yes so much effort!)

    My tooled bag was in a rummage box under the racks. Everything was 20c down there. The woman was almost embarrassed that she was charging me 20c!! She said "That's a REAL old-timer!" (like that was a bad thing!LOL)

    Yeh I love dingy op shops the best!

  10. i love love love the little Japanese doll!!!

  11. that tooled bag, the kokeshi, the rings, the cardi...yep i woulda taken most of that home too! i love op-shopping on holiday, and i love those prices best of all!

  12. Some lovely finds. Love the koeshi girl and all the lovely books and patterns. Not to mention that donkey - love!!


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