Friday, 17 May 2013

Squirrel Frock Friday

I received a gorgeous package this week from our favourite Squirrel Miss Vanessa. She sent me a little pair of brown lace up boots, with a perfect Autumn frock & some accessories. Vanessa is my brown boot inspiration, & she has teeny feet like me. The Captain & I are SO looking forward to visiting the Squirrels later in the year. I hope I can contain my excitement! Thank you darling Vanessa for the lovely gifts. I'll no doubt be wearing them all lots over the coming months. Xx

Outfit Details....

Vintage dress, green beads & boots - 
gifted by mushroom picking Miss V
Enamel brooch - etsy
Gold bracelet & rings - op shopped
Brown bag - Paddington Antique Centre
Cardi & sunglasses - retail


  1. How sweet to be gifted a gorgeous combination like that. Sweet packages of delights from blogging buddies are the best. You look absolutely beautiful all accessorised with that lovely green cardie too. I do love your hair straightened. Hope you have a delightful weekend. X

  2. You look lovely. What a beautiful the print!

    PS: I'm hosting an Antipodes giveaway and hope you will enter:

  3. That's a gorgeous frock! It fits you like a glove!
    Love that yellow brooch.
    How cool that you'll be seeing Vanessa!

  4. Aren't you the lucky duck, those items are lovely xx

  5. Ahh, Vanessa is such a generous and lovely lady, she sends exquisite parcels of joy! The dress is a beauty, and you are working the Miss V look with those sweet little boots!
    Gorgeous accessories, as always. And how exciting that you are going to visit the Squirrels! A trip to St Brigid's will be wonderful.
    Have a great weekend, Leisa. xxxx

  6. Miss V is a genius with her parcels, that dress is lovely on you and so cute with the boots. I love that quilted bag, too! xxx

  7. Love the dress you look gorgeous!!

  8. Aren't those boots just darling! So petite and they look very comfortable. Perfect for Autumn.

  9. gorgeous the type of boots you can wear with ANYTHING! great to find you in blogworld xxx

  10. Just wanted to say, thank you for your lovely comments over at mine I have left you a rather long reply there. Lots love xo

  11. You are always so perfectly styled, Leisa! I am loving wearing boots lately - I wear them with absolutely everything! They're just so practical and warm! xx

  12. Oh Sweet I am so sorry to be commenting so late.....I have had the most terrible weekend with toothache, one very big filling today should help.
    Look at you!!!!!! The dress looks so fabulous on you and the wee boots are great. I really do hope you get heaps of wear out of them. It was so nice to send you a happy parcel of things. Yay!!!!!
    We must count the sleeps till the "Miss Biddies" visit. I am so excited.
    Sending a very big squirrel hug and much love V


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