Friday, 24 May 2013

Run Around the Same Old Town

Winter has finally hit Brisbane, and yep I am well pleased. Every outing is a polyester extravaganza.
Like the first outing of this 'Antonia' green bubble zip front dress. I'm kind of wishing I hadn't worn the lighter grey socks with the tights, just looks a bit odd to me....but at least they draw attention to my vintage boots.

Outfit Details.....

Antonia vintage frock - Paddington Vinnies
Flower brooch - handmade from Dunedin NZ
Green scarf used as a tie - gifted by gorgeous in blue Trudie
1970's rings - Op shopped
Tourist bracelet - Op shopped
Brown bag - Op shopped in Christchurch NZ
Vintage boots - Op shopped
Tights, cardi & belt - Retail
Sunglasses - Ray Bans
Green nails - Barry M


  1. Love the great bubble print on your dress, and of course all the green looks beautiful on you - dress, cardigan, nails, scarf, brooch, all wonderful. I rather like the grey socks, stops it being all too one tone, so there!
    It's winter with you, and it seems to be winter here too - rain, hail and wind - how did that happen?!
    Have a great weekend, my dear! xxxxx

  2. I love those grey socks too, it makes those fab boots really stand out!
    Your nails are gorgeous and the print of the dress rocks!
    Happy weekend! xxx

  3. Oh I do love that bubble dress......BUBBLES!!!!!! You look just beautiful your favorite colour.
    The bag was a terrific find in ChCh.....lets hope you find many treasures on this next trip.
    Love V Have a truly wonderful weekend!!!!
    Hope you got the message about the parcel of loveliness arriving at St are such a sweetie. xxxxx

  4. Love that dress and the colour, it really suits you. Especially love the boots and the lovely nails offcourse!!!

  5. Love the layered look, I much prefer winter outfits to summer, tights and boots are my fav! Love your green dress, fab bag and boots x

  6. Lovely dress! I love green vintage dresses. It goes so well with that brooch. And don't worry about the grey socks - It think it looks great!

  7. You look lovely, love the dress you do have some great vintage ones, dee x

  8. Aren't you just a picture of glorious green from your dress to your brooch and those awesome nails. Beautiful as always my sweet and hooray for crispy cold Queensland weather.

  9. Love the brown and green together!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Gorgeous, as always! Love the frock and the nail colour and the BROOCH and your beautiful SMILE!!

    Sarah xxx


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