Friday, 31 May 2013

Retropolitan Frock Friday

The weather is finally right to wear my frock purchased with Queen Helga at Retropolitan in Christchurch.
I love the fact that this frock is a memento of a special day. One that we hope to repeat in a few months time!

Vintage frock - Retropolitan New Zealand
Vintage jacket - Retro Metro
Beaded bag - Vintage Hippy
Vintage pendant - Ebay
Orange bangle - Great Aunts
Brooch, ring & green bangle - Op shopped
Boots & Ray Bans - Retail


  1. Awwwwww our favourite gate ... I feel all happy now :). I'm in love with your Memories of Helga frock and that glorious coat and BAG!!!!! You must be SO excited about another trip to NZ :) XOXOXO

  2. Orange and green, that deserves a Helgafied SQUEEEEEEE!
    The Retropolitan frock is a beauty, so is that fab coat, and as usual you have the most amazingly co-ordinated accessories. You look gorgeous! xxxx

  3. That outfit really is something special and to have been with Helga at the time of purchasing that frock makes it super special! You look stunning. xxx

  4. Such a super outfit - you look great!! You will have to give me the details of your next nz trip - would be grand to meet you in Auckland or even Christchurch?

  5. Love the frock!! I am axed how well everything is coordinated, the bag accessories and even your nails. You look amazing!!! xo

  6. You had me at green and orange, you are sublimely accessorised to the mines my love. Absolute and utter perfection. You must be counting down for your trip. X

  7. What a awesome coat and the orange and white is super cute too.
    I love green and orange together.

  8. I haven't even been to the new 'Retropolitan' yet. How remiss of me. Your frock looks fabulous and goes perfectly with the coat and the bag.

  9. Orange and green is a great combo. Cute dress.. You must be looking forward to your jaunt across the ditch!

  10. Oh, there is so much to love about this outfit, I almost don't know where to start - you look fabulous!!!! The dress and coat go so well together, and the bag, oh my stars, the bag is just the creme de la creme. Please let me know when you are coming to Dunedin, as I would just love to catch up again, and maybe do a visit to Toffs?????


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