Friday, 10 May 2013

I'm Disco and I Know It

We took these pics last weekend at the Sunshine Coast. I bought this frock a couple of weeks ago at Endos (Endeavour op shop). I've noticed they don't stock vintage clothing very often anymore, because it all gets sent to the Paddington store which specializes in vintage. I saw a frock a while back at my local Endos for $15, & a couple of weeks later I saw the same dress at the Paddington store for $40, & there wouldn't be two of them. As much as I love the Paddo store I do wish the local Endos stocked some vintage too. This Komar house dress was a rare local find. The cotton is so crisp I doubt it's been worn before. No prizes for guessing why I like it!

These shoes are actually for kids but they were only $7. Can you believe they're a girls size 4!
The perks of having feet that are way to small for my body.

Outfit Details.....

Komar dress - Endos op shop
Enamel brooch & yellow bangle - Etsy
Green bangle, bunting necklace & 1970's rings - Op shopped
Beaded bag - Way We Wear Fair 
Cardi, belt & shoes - Retail
Sunglasses - Ray Bans

The Captain checking out the ship action

I've just discovered Disco the budgie this week. He is AMAZING!
If you're into talking animals it's bound to bring a smile to your face!
This is for you Desiree....Mwah!


  1. super duper cute dress! Perfect springtime colors!!!!

  2. The Sunshine Coast is such a lovely place isn't it. Beautiful beaches. I love that dress and I am very envious of that enamel daisy pin of yours - perfect colour too. And isn't it great being able to fit into children's shoes! I can relate!

  3. Lovely dress, so Summery! I loved Disco, it did bring a smile to my face :)

  4. That bird was just what I needed on a Friday night - hilarious.

  5. Gorgeous dress love it, the colours and the pattern is so pretty love the way you have teamed it up with the orange. Loving your shoes and bag to. I think this is my favourite outfit from you so far this year :-) dee xx

  6. That has to be the best colour combination!!!! You look just so gorgeous and with the flower and the bag...ahhhh its just all to amazing sweet.
    Tee hee I love the kiddies shoes...I can wear a size 5 kiddies too......Yay they have cute designs.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    love V
    PS Little boots are on there way.......

  7. A very pretty dress, love the brooch and bag (plastic ring one?) too.

  8. That dress is gorgeous, so bright and pretty. Wonderfully accessorised by the kiddie sandals, stunning bag and pretty jewels.
    Love the moody shot of the Captain on that beautiful beach, how lucky to have something that stunning on your doorstep. xxx

  9. Gorgeous frock, love the colours, and as always, you have the most perfect accessories. Tiny feet, Leisa - watch you don't tip over!
    Have a glorious weekend. xxxx

  10. Perfection my love, green and florals you can't go wrong, accessorised by orange shoes top combination in my books. Oh how I love an enamel flower brooch but I'm yet to acquire one of my own. Love and sunshine. X

  11. Such a cute dress and lovely colours. Never heard of the disco budgie so I am going to watch the video. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  12. fantastic dress, love the tropical print! xx

  13. Such a pretty frock - you look beautiful and I'm jealous of your tiny feet! Mine are like size 9 and I can never op shop shoes that fit!

  14. The print is so pretty. I love border prints but they are so hard to find. Your accessories are perfect, as usual.


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