Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Corner of Your Home

I'm a little bit late on joining the link party hosted by Lucy Violet Vintage & Hung Up on Retro, sharing a vintage or retro corner of your home. When I thought about it I realised I have quite a few vintage corners happening at the moment. Regular readers will have seen them over time, but here they all are together. If you are into minimalism, my clutter might stress you out! Even though we rent & can't make any permanent decorating changes, being surrounded by my treasures & collections makes it feel like home.

First up the lounge room.....

My cabinet given to me by me 81 year young friend Betty

Some corners of my kitchen & dining room

Onto the guest room....

And the main bedroom.....

My bedside corner

And the Captains corner

So there you go....corners galore!


  1. Wow - you have some many wonderful vintage corners in your home! So happy that you have joined the link in and we get to see them all! The painted brick walls are great. Love the lamp in the lounge, the clock (I am keeping my eye out for a similar clock!) and all the kitchen cannisters! The colours and pattern on the measuring cup are amazing. Your bedside corner is so lovely - beautiful ballerina cross stitch! I've never seen one quite like that before. And of course, a nod to the captains corner too! Thanks so much again for joining in. : )

  2. Flipping heck, that's a helluva lot of corners. The clock, the clock, the clock. I love it. Oh and that blue deer. Your sofa too. It's all too much....xx

  3. What a delightful post, there's so many interesting corners and pretties to admire. I love how you hang your handbags - I should take a leaf out of your book and not stuff them in the bottom of the wardrobe! xxx

  4. So many treasures to admire, all arranged and displayed so beautifully. And so TIDY! I couldn't join in with the link up, there isn't a corner in my home that isn't messy, grubby, and covered in cat hair! xxxx

  5. Better late than never! and certainly worth waiting for! your home is gorgeous! You've got such a geat collection. I love your sunburst clock, and the trio of flying birds, your display of brooches...Fab!

  6. Okey dokey, WHERE do I start?
    Your vintage corners (corners? whole house!) are gorgeous. I'm overwhelemd by the loveliness of all your treasures (and how many of them you've got!) You would never guess your home is a rental, its got your stamp of vintage-bird-girliciousness ALL over it.
    A few of the things I really love: green/blue chair with red and grey blanket on its back (did you make that blanket? love it!), those little 'Spirograph' thingies in the last pic (are they doilies or trivets?), ballerina cross-stitch and those old card keepsake boxes, all your kitchenalia and...How much time have you got???
    Thanks for joining in our linky, so happy to have your vintage corners on board x

  7. Beautiful! I think you have shown how a rental can still be a home. You clearly love where you are and like having things you love around you. I am really impressed with the way you store your brooches - I must look for a display case shelf thing whatsit like that for myself.
    I am like Curtise, most corners in my place are untidy with car hair. xx

  8. Your house looks amazing. I love vintage clutter. You have so many fabulous things I don't even know what to comment on.

  9. Oh oh look at the wonderful treasure......eekkkk just so much to see. Oh Oh so many things I just love.....ok ok take a breath Vanessa......
    The cushions on the couch and the amazing double head green lamp. The fabulous stack of cases and the pretty green ballerina so much.
    You have a true home filled with love.
    Love V

  10. I'm loving all the birdies I'm seeing!!!
    And your brooch collection.
    And loads of other things!!!
    NICE!! x

  11. Lovely array of vintage goodies! Well loved! X

  12. You have some really lovely vintage bits in your house. Love the cases and the antlers, a bit of a fan myself. Also love the blankie in first pic.

  13. You have some really lovely vintage bits in your house. Love the cases and the antlers, a bit of a fan myself. Also love the blankie in first pic.

  14. Your home is lovely, so full of wonderful bits and bobs which make it into a great home. I love the embroidered ballerina picture. xx


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