Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Collection Selection.....Dear oh Deer

I've loved birds for many years now. Hence the blog name & all. But I can pinpoint the time when deers became something special to me. It all started with the antlers below. I wrote about them in my very first blog post. We stayed at a farm during a trip to New Zealand, & the farmer hunted feral deer. He had quite the collection of antlers all over the place. When I told him how beautiful they were, he asked if we wanted to take a couple of sets home. Do we? Heck yeah! I was so excited but rather nervous about bringing them home through customs. Turns out we got one set through, but the other one still had some random hairs, so we had to leave them behind. 
I found the wooden back board from Vinnies. Now they are one of my most treasured possessions. They always make me think of that wonderful holiday & the picturesque farm we stayed at. And so my love of deers began, & my collection has slowly grown ever since.

This biscuit barrel was given to me by my dear friend Betty. You can read more about it & Betty here.
I think it's kitsch perfection with the deer, squirrel and bird.

A recently op shopped vase/thermometer

A plaque gifted by my Mum

A garage sale painting

Op shopped deer tapestry
It's all about the behind!

Op shopped tin

Op shopped vase

Garage sale ornament

Deer trio from an op shop in Hamilton NZ

Deer salt & pepper cart from my all time favourite vintage wonderland in Mayfield NZ

A pair of deers from Restore in Dunedin

Op shopped vase

Deer vase gifted by Mum

As well as the plate below

A little perspex deer from Tam's childhood collection

Op shopped cross-stitch

A barometer gifted by my bestie Miss J

Op shopped doilies

Op shopped golden deer

Handmade blanket cushion found at an op shop

Blue deer (or moose) gifted by Miss J

So that's my deer far!
 I'm linking up to Op Shop Mama's Collection Selection


  1. your collection is very en-deer-ing! i
    can totally see the appeal, and though i don't collect them as such i still have a fair few around the place. the little orange perspex deer jumped out at me as Curtise from the secondhand years sent me a set of little ones chained to their mummy deer, a wee while ago.
    and i have to agree the mayfield second hand store ROCKS!

  2. I share your love of deer, birds, and in fact all animals. It probably started with an ornament I had as a child, which has been lost in the mists of time... the rest is history.
    I love a themed blog post too!

  3. That is quite some collection! I love it!

  4. I like deer too, my earliest memory of them was in a wildlife park. I had a bag of cheese moon biscuits and hid them behind my back as you weren't supposed to feed the deer. I was promptly distracted by one (it may as well have been fluttering its eyelashes at me) and then 'mugged' from behind by a group of about four who ate all my biscuits and the bag.

  5. That's one deer little collection (sorry, couldn't help myself!) xxx

  6. "Deet" me.....sorry couldn't help myself either.
    I do love your cushion, blue deer, paintings and cross stitch. X

  7. I love them too... alas, my only deer is the plastic one I found in my garbage bin! I love all of yours, and my absolute favourite is the little vase with the trio of manic wide-eyed crazy deer because... well, just because it's so mental!

    Sarah xxx

  8. Sooooo many deer! Love them! My fave has to be the little cross stitch!! xxx

  9. deer, oh deer, .. forgive me. thank you for joing my blog. and your lovely comment. i am going to enjoy seeing all your vintage treasures.lucyx

  10. Fabulous collection, Leisa, I can't pick a favourite cos I deerly love them all! xxxx

  11. Oh deer!! hehe, I love seeing your deer collection in full, its just great. The doilies are the most unusual, great find. Thanks for sharing, Tam x

  12. You sure have deerlightful collection going on! I adore the biscuit barrel the best too sweet! xx

  13. Ha funny all those deer puns!
    Great collection - grown since the last time!
    I particularly love the little kitsch ones like the ones by a log! Reminds me of stuff from when I was a kid..
    Thanks for linking. Fun!


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