Monday, 20 May 2013

Bon Voyage & $2 Finds

I popped into a little nursing home op shop with Miss J a few weeks back, & I spied this large suitcase in the sorting area. The volunteer said it's for sale for $2. Who in their right mind could refuse that?....a green Voyager suitcase, originally made in Brisbane. I just LOVE the atomic lining & it's in such good condition. And where did I put it? Thankfully it slipped under our bed for extra storage. I wish I had the space to display it somewhere else.

After that we found a new little treasure trove/second hand shop where everything was $2, including this vintage travel bag & the things below.

We both bought some gloves.....never worn in the original packaging!

The orange ones are a cotton suede fabric.

These olive ones (still joined together with original tags) go so well with my new to me mohair hat....ready for our next trip to New Zealand.

Black beaded cotton suede gloves

Some frocks....

How strange that this is the second time I've bought this frock! My last one was too big for me so I sold it, & now I've found one that fits! I love the painted effect & micro-pleats.

I really didn't think much of this one on the rack, but it looks better on. I'm not sure if it's really my style.

And some vintage skirts which I rarely buy, but they were all my size & suitable for the cooler months.

Both Miss J & I got matching pant-suits. Wouldn't it look funny if we both wore our suits at the same time!

And here's another suitcase I found at Salvos. Again I justified it as interesting storage!

I'm still recovering from a rare night out celebrating Miss J's 40th birthday over the weekend. We have been best friends for the last 25 years, & she has a passion for old junk like me....we really are two peas in a pod!

We had breakfast together on her actual birthday. Miss J is looking gorgeous in a $2 frock from our latest treasure trove. Below is a pic from the party. I am absolutely delighted that we're having our first taste of winter. Now I can actually straighten my hair after 6 months of curls. Hooray!


  1. Wow what super finds love the suitcases and those black gloves are so pretty. And also love all your clothes especially that black and white dress with the pink flowers at the bottom that is gorgeous. Happy birthday to your friend you both look gorgeous, dee xx

  2. Cannot resist a vintage suitcase, and they are so useful for extra storage. Love all the dresses, especially the one you are unsure about - give it a go, it's beautiful!
    Gorgeous pics of you and bestie Miss J - aren't good friends fabulous?! xxx

  3. A nursing home op shop? Sounds terribly callous of me but that would be my bliss ... bear in mind when you and Miss J waltzed in, I'll bet you brought some light into the shop with the 'oohing' and 'aahing' over your precious purchases! I adore the suitcases and oh those beaded gloves!! NZ again? Fantastic news!!

  4. What a haul! Love that rose print dress - hooray for finding one that fits! and the case is gorgeous. Can't wait to see you rocking the pretty hat and gloves in NZ! You and your friend are like peas in a pod! xxx

  5. Happy Birthday to your Miss J!
    I am DRIBBLING over each and every item here! What a glorious haul of divoon goodies! And the PRICING! It's like the golden days of opshopping, which I feared long gone.......clearly, there are still grand scores to be had!

  6. I would hide yarn in those suitcases. My gf and I are the same, we op shop so well together because we look for completely different things :-)

  7. So envious that you found all those fabulous things for only $2.00! I am especially amazed at the packaged gloves that you bought - vintage gloves where I come from are quite expensive to buy - and that's not in their original packaging!

  8. You scored some great things. I love all the gloves. The beading on the black pair is beautiful. I can't resist a vintage suitcase either. I use them to store my sewing bits in and have them stacked on top of each other.

  9. Beautiful buys. I'm really loving the dresses you picked out.

  10. Great haul! Gosh I love vintage gloves and after seeing your new -old ones think I should add some more to my collection.

  11. The photos of you and Miss J are just lovely - how wonderful to have such a special friendship with someone who loves op shopping as much as you. Looking forward to seeing you in one of those skirts!!!

  12. Amazing finds! Love the dresses, but the suitcases are sure winners!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. Nice finds Leisa! You must take me to this new shop shop next time we have coffee!!!

  14. I love that first flowery dress - you are am op shopper par excellence!

  15. Ooh loch finds. My golly you get some good clobber in your op shops!! Love the suitcase, especially the colour. You can never have too many of these!! Very pretty dresses. Ps you looked gorgeous for your night out!!! Xo

  16. Yay for lovely friends for life and Happy Birthday to your darling BFF!

    The suitcase if AMAZING and the beautiful deadstock gloves - WHAT A FIND!!!

    The floral skirt is especially beautiful and I'd love to see you in the pretty frocks.

    Sarah xxx


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