Friday, 3 May 2013

A Distant Ship Smoke on the Horizon

I got this handmade maxi dress in a bulk lot on Ebay. I think I paid $12 for six frocks. This one sat languishing in my wardrobe because it had long sleeves, with weird puffy kind of shoulders. I figured I'd get more wear out of it if it didn't have the sleeves, so I gingerly performed minor surgery. I like it much more now.

Outfit Details......

Handmade frock - Ebay
Tooled bag - Salvos
Geometric necklace - Each to Own
Agate brooch & ring - Bloomhills op shop
Chunky bracelet - gifted by treasured Tam
Old brown ring - my childhood
Belt, shoes & Ray Bans - Retail

An update on op shop crush.....

I ventured into the op shop after a couple of weeks avoidance absence, op shop crush saw me & made his way over. I tried to give him the brush off & kept on moving, & I think he got the hint. The Captain hasn't had a chance to accompany me in yet, but hopefully I will be able to browse in peace in the future!

The Captain has a rare weekend off & we are heading up the coast to my favourite antique fair tomorrow. I can't wait to see what treasures will be unearthed!


  1. Beautiful dress! I think that's a fantastic buy even though you had to do some minor alterations to it. Gorgeous necklace too.

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

  2. It does look much better with out the arms and matches perfectly with your necklace. Have you thought of taking the Captain with you next time to the opshop and parade around, surely that will give a big hint :) T x

  3. Oh that is a great alteration, I quite often take sleeve off dresses, it gives them better balance. You look just lovely in it sweet and the necklace goes perfectly with it. Oh I hope you have the most wonderful weekend and find lots of vintage treasures.
    Have a truly splendid weekend.
    love V

  4. Looks like the surgery was a success!

  5. I'm a fan of sleeve surgery, too! That maxi looks a lot more wearable and less costume-y now. The necklace is fab. xxx

  6. It looks great so the minor surgery was obviously successful. I can't believe you're wearing summer clothes in the middle of autumn. I hope you have a good score at the antique fair.

  7. Loving your dress it looks gorgeous on you what a lovely location to for your photo's. Have a lovely weekend with the captain and enjoy the fair. dee xx

  8. Far better without sleeves. Just removing sleeves can really make a dress I think.

  9. Lovely dress alteration, you look fab. Is that tooled bag with huge hibiscus flowers on it? If so I can't tell you wonderful it would be to fine one with this flowers on, they major important and significance to me. What a treasure. Have a wonderful weekend my sweet, I look forward to seeing your treasures.

  10. I love this dress - the colours and the pattern are amazing. You look lovely on the jetty with the sea and sky behind you. The sleeve removal worked well - I am still not sure what to do with the maxis I own. They are too over the top for work so I tend to wear in the weekend. I need sleeves too, so may cut the sleeves to elbow length and see what happens. Its a beautiful autumn day here in Dunedin - just gorgeous. You would love it. Have a great time at the antique fair.

    PS I smiled at the op shop crush update, I think you need to take the captain and hold hands. :-)

  11. Yes, the sleeve surgery was definitely a success. I like sleeves actually, but sometimes it just makes a dress too much somehow, and you're right, it makes frocks more wearable and versatile to remove or shorten them.
    Beautiful setting, gorgeous bag - but then you always have amazing accessories!
    Have fun this weekend! xxxx

  12. What a top job you made of that gorgeous frock, I love the fabric - feathers!! I think Op Shop Crush has finally got the message and I adore your beautiful jewellery and that bag is awesome!! xoxo

  13. I love the pint on your dress and the minor surgery you did on it.

  14. Excellent procedure, doctor. I'm glad you were able to resuscitate this gorgeous dress. It's perfect on you!

  15. That's a funky dress - love it!


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