Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wherever I Lay My Hat......

I don't know what it is with me & cushions lately. I seem to come across lovely ones regularly, but there really are only so many cushions one home can accommodate! My heart skipped a beat when I spied this one in the cushion pile at Salvos for $6. It has been handmade out of an old wool blanket, with the deer head lovingly stitched on. It still had the original makers tag on, so I don't think it has been used. What I can't understand is why someone would donate such a gorgeous thing? I was a bit worried the Captain would roll his eyes when he discovered the latest cushion, but thankfully he appreciated it almost as much as me!

And I sheepishly admit to yet more accessories......but at $1.50 how could I resist?

 A pretty plastic brooch

 Yep more beads in the knuckle-bone style

 Some sweet hand made coat hangers
(so handy for delicate vintage clothing)
20cents each

I'm not too sure why a lot of vintage hats are so small. Have heads really grown that much in 50 years, or do hats shrink with age? I found these cute navy old lady hats at a nursing home op shop for $1. And they fit my big 21st century head!

Thank you for the Captains birthday wishes. I taped up his head so hopefully it will heal up okay. I think he had a good birthday despite the diversion in our plans!
Life often seems to do've just got to go with it!


  1. The cushion is lovely. Quite often when I'm op shopping I think why would someone donate this? Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes you have to wonder why someone would want to get rid of something so good. That brooch is fabulous. I love the colour.

  2. The cushion is a fabulous find - I have seen them for $50 or so new!!!! Sorry to read that the captain is not 100% I do hope he had a good birthday. Very chilly here today - we have lit the fire!

  3. What! That cushion has your name all over it! I can never resist a vintage coat hanger. Take care of yourselves, Tam x

  4. What a gorgeous cushion! Love the beads and brooch too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. The cushion is lovely and my jaw dropped at your hanger scores!!!
    Eaaakkkk they are AWESOME. The red brooch is sweet too.

  6. Tee hee I can't resist a cushion at all, to poor Mr Warrens dismay. I so so would have been taking that fabulous one home to, I am with you sweet why was it at the op-shop in the first place?????
    Now that little red brooch is just gorgeous!!!!! I take my hat off to you(tee hee) you always find wonderful treasures.
    Love v
    PS happy the captains head is better.

  7. That cushion is fantastic and a great thing to copy with scraps of fabric!
    Glad the Captain's head's better! x

  8. Those hangers! I love that someone put so much work into hangers! I especially love the first hat and can't wait to see it in action.

  9. How gorgeous is that cushion and so cheap, I love it.

  10. I'm obsessed with padded hangers! So I really love those ones! xx

  11. I'm like Clare and you, can't resist vintage padded or crochet coat hangers. There should be a self-help group for us...
    I would have snapped that cushion up too, and the hat is a beauty - vintage heads were miniscule, weren't they?!
    How did I miss the story of your poor Captain's head injury? Poor man, hope he's recovered now. xxx

  12. First visit to your blog - adorable. Newest follower.

  13. SCORES!!! Amazing what people chuck out!! Love all of it - the cushion, the beads and the coathangers - I love those!

  14. OMG I am totally inspired to make a cushion like that one! Even I can do that find of sewing! The coathangers are gorgeous and I love the hats. My head is enormous - I rarely find any that fit :( Must be all the brains, right?!

    Sarah xxx


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