Friday, 26 April 2013

Stomp My Boots Before I Go Back In

I have finally found a pair of vintage boots that I can actually walk in.....HALLELUIAH!
For someone with Nana feet like me, this is a huge achievement. Since tearing a major tendon in my foot some years ago (thanks to a decade on a potent antibiotic that weakens tendons), I now need not only flat but supportive footwear. So I was super excited to find a pair of vintage leather boots, in my size, that I can add my supportive insole into, & that I love the look of. For $8!
When I put these on I feel a bit like Miss Vanessa from Two Squirrels. She always manages to look gorgeous in vintage boots & a frock. It happened to be down to 24degrees which meant I could pull out one of my thick poly frocks. 24degrees is practically winter to Queenslanders!

The delightful Miss V

We had a coffee at our favourite hangout the WAC

Here are a few things that caught my eye.....

Outfit Details......

Finlaw frock - Freebie at a vintage sale
Geometric necklace & bird brooch - Each to Own
Vintage ring & bracelet - from my childhood
Resin ring - Dunedin
Tooled bag - Salvos
Vintage boots - Lifeline
Sunglasses - Prada


  1. Woohoo to new to you boots. You're are looking delightful, you've straightened your hair in this pic haven't you? Looks lovely. As well does our whole outfit and who doesn't a love a free frock that looks fabulous. My visits to the WAC a few and far between, I will have one of everything you like that should have me safe lol.

  2. Too cute! Indeed, Miss V wears little boots beautifully, and so, now, do YOU!
    They're fabulous, what a great score! Perfect for your excuse for a Winter!!! They're be brillant for when you're next over here! XXX

  3. SNAP!! Temps drop a couple of degrees and the boots are out - I wore boots today too and I even went so far as to add a feather vest - whew! Big warmish!! Cor blimey I do love your blue rose frock darling - you're an absolute picture - RADIANT!!! What a lovely day day out and yay for your gorgeous boots and delicious fripperies:) xoxo

  4. Love the frock and boots combo! So glad you found a pair in your size - I have given up with my size 10 feet! I will have to go back to the WAC again soon. I went to the Cooly Antique Centre today as well as the vintage store (where I fell in love with a $250 dress) but they definitely don't compare to the WAC! xx

  5. Hurrah for comfy boots :)

    I have a similar problem - tore my achilles tendon in August 2011 and whilst its now healed well there are certain boots that I cannot manage - have to have ones that open completely else my foot gets stuck!!

    Hoping now as winter is heading your way - the sunshine and spring/summer will visit us here in the UK for many months :)

  6. Those boots are great. They definitely look like something that Vanessa would wear. I love your dress too. 24 degrees is pretty much the maximum temperature that I like. Any warmer and I feel like I'm melting.

  7. Those boots are very much Miss V style! I am so glad you found a pair that you can wear:D

  8. Vanessa is such gorgeous inspiration and you're doing her style proud! Those boots are fab and look brilliant with the frock and the swoonsome tooled leather bag.
    24 degrees? Thick dresses? Man, that's bikini and cider drinking weather! xxx

  9. Your new boots were made for walkin' and they look so cute...also love the tooled handbag and your necklace is awesome.

  10. Lovely boots and yet another fabby frock. I'm with Vix on 24 degrees, that's positively hot hot hot. xx

  11. I struggle with boots and frocks but you pulled it off perfectly here!! xx

  12. A gorgeous homage to the beautiful Vanessa's style! Great little boots, they work so well with the dress and tooled leather bag. You look lovely! Have a great weekend! xxxx

  13. I'm drooling over your purse and jewelry!

  14. Those boots are so cute, I love the buttons.
    You look great!

  15. Oh sweet I am here with wonderful. Tee hee.....we are boot girls. Yay.
    Thank you for the lovely words.....yes I so love little boots. The ones you found are just fabulous.
    The dress is a cutie too.
    Love V

    PS What size little feet are you???? I have a pair of great lace ups that might be perfect???? V
    Oh I am so excited that you are coming over.

  16. The boots and socks look wonderful. It's great that you finally found some you like!

  17. You look lovely and those granny boots are rad!

  18. The boots are gorgeous, the frock is super pretty and your smile is beautiful! I spy so many lovely goodies!!

    Sarah xxx


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