Friday, 5 April 2013

I Don't Do Red....

I've said those four words to myself for many years now. I don't do red. And I most certainly don't wear white either. I really didn't think it suited me for some reason. Hooray for blogging, & that the love of vintage means I'm branching out & breaking my own fashion rules. Red is certainly growing on me, & I do love it paired with navy. This is a frock I found at a Red Cross op shop on the Sunshine Coast. I think it's been handmade, & it's a great fit. 
The Captain & I took these photos at the little church down the road that I've mentioned here. On Easter Sunday the door was open. It was so dark inside, I can see why many years ago a group of girls wearing black with candles at the altar scared me witless as a little girl. The church has a certain simple beauty about it, & I love the way the trees envelop it. All in the midst of suburbia.

Outfit Details.......

Vintage frock - Red Cross op shop
Enamel brooch - Ebay
Vintage beads & bangle & scarf - Op shopped
Vintage bag - Gifted by pink perfection Sarah
Navy & white clip - made by Lil Buttons Lil Bows
Red ring, belt & shoes - Retail


  1. Yes, yes, hooray for blogging and pushing boundaries. Even before blogging I dressed the way I do, but blogging has taught me to be more brave with patterns and clashing them and it's taught me so much about accessorising. You my love are a pretty picture in red with touches of navy. I hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead of you and if you make it to the fair, please give Celia and Sue a big squeeze from me. Especially Celia with her presentation. X

  2. I love the red and white on you! Isn't it funny, I do the same thing and have vowed I will never wear brown and so far the vow has held stong! But you never know.....

  3. The dress is perfect, just splashes of red here and there. The dress is lovely on. It works so well teamed with your navy accessories, the flower on the bag is cute! The red church photo is awesome by the way. Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  4. Sweetie, you are SO rocking the red!!! It IS perfect with navy, or any shade of blue...that's my fave combo, but I also really love it with pink!
    O, I can tell you that blogging has caused me to be so much more open to unexpected colour combinations,amongst other things, over this couple of years I've been at it!!! I am so much braver, more experimental. It came along at the right time, just when i was worried I was getting too old for it all! Ha, blow THAT!

  5. I own two red garments: a cardigan and pair of leggings. It's not that I don't like red- it's just red doesn't catch my eye when shopping. How odd is that?

  6. Red and blue are my favourite colours. That dress really suits you. I love all the jewellery too. That brooch is fabulous.

  7. The red dress on you is gorgeous and I love the navy blue accessories. Such a cute little church. As for colours, I thought I would never wear orange or yellow. But as some of the comments also say, blogging has given me more confidence and, as I am a bit older, I care less about what others think and just go for it. Hope you have a fab weekend, xx

  8. Never say never - all colours can work for you, you just need the confidence and the right shade, I reckon! You look gorgeous in red, Leisa, I have no idea why you thought it didn't suit you! That dress is delightful, and of course red/white/blue is a classic combination. Fabulous brooch too.
    Blogging has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for all of us, I think. Knowing there are a bunch of lovelies out there who will cheer me on and appreciate what I wear has been a massive confidence booster.
    How lovely to see more pics of that little church, no goth girls in situ this time!
    Have a lovely weekend. xxxx

  9. You look great in red! Red + white + blue is always going to be a winning combo!

  10. I didn't wear red for years, I overdid it in the 1980s and avoided it like the plague but when I gave it a retry I realised how much I'd missed it!
    You look gorgeous in red, the print on the frock is adorable and the outfit is accessorised to perfection, as ever! xxx

  11. Red and you are very very happy!!!!!!!! Yay YAY YAY!!!!! Its just perfect and I think it just sings on you. Totally love the brooch too...........
    What a lovely wee church, its so nice when the trees seem to just hold them in there place.
    I hope you have painted the town red and had a simply wonderful weekend.
    love V

  12. Very pretty pattern on that dress and the brooch is stunning! They say brunettes suit red, do more red!

  13. I love this little church, it's so sweet! But obviously spooky enough to attract a bunch of Goth girls. It all sounds like something from The Craft. That's such a pretty dress, I love any rose patterns, you should do red, it really suits you xx

  14. You are nailing the red honey, NAILING IT!!!! I adore this frock on you and roses are my favourite flower so it's doubly awesome for me ... plus, you've got a pair of fecking awesome gams there m'lady! I wonder if anyone visited the church to pray on Easter Sunday? Hope you're well lovely:) xoxoxoxoox

  15. I am loving you in red, Leisa! So pretty with the hint of navy! I don't seem to wear a lot of red, either. I'm much more of a fan of it's cousin, pink ;) xx

  16. Oh darling, I am SO far behind - forgive me!

    You most certainly DO DO red! You look EXQUISITE in this pretty frock and I LOOOOOOOOOVE the brooch more than life itself. The pretty little church is the perfect photo location!

    Sarah xxx


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