Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Collection Selection.....Canisters

One of my favourite New Zealand bloggers, Op Shop Mama has started a linky party about collections.
It's a chance for us all to join in on the fun & share our collections, whatever they may be! I thought it would be a chance for any newer followers to see some of my stash that may have made an appearance before.

So obviously this is my canister collection. It all started with the set of 1950's Nally Ware which was given to me by the Captains Mum. I think they are my favourites, because of the family history, as well as the pretty colours.

 I found this 1960's Waratah wood grain effect spun aluminum canister set at a local market for $8.

 I bought this orange set at a collectables fair last year.
It was made by the British Plastic Pty Ltd

 The white set above was passed onto me by a friend of my Mum's

 And my Mum gave me the orange set for Christmas

 Old wooden canister set from a car boot market for $3

These were my first canister purchase from a collectables fair about 4 years ago. 
Forgive the dusty lids! I love the anodized green.

The pair of green canisters were from the Coolangatta Antiques Centre a few years ago

Willow faux wood grain canister from Salvos

Green plastic canister from a garage sale

Kingsley Ware biscuit barrel from Vinnies

And I have two of these Willow tin canisters from the Suitcase Rummage.

I love having my canisters on display, & they are handy for storing various bits & pieces too. Lets hope I don't come across anymore, because I have limited storage space.
Isn't that always the issue for a collector!?


  1. OMG I am green with envy at your canisters collection. I would soooooo love to own your pretty pastel 50's set they go for a bomb over here and that is when you can find them they are very rare to find. Love the little green single flower one to. I know just how you feel about having them on display the colours and the patterns are just a work of art. dee xx

  2. What a marvelous collection! Oh how I love canisters. When I moved out of home I had to find the perfect set. I searched and searched and finally found a set of bright orange 1960's canisters. I actually bought them from the same place that you bought that pair of green adonized canisters - from the Coolangatta Antiques Centre!

  3. WOW! I have been looking for a nice set of canisters for ages now. I would love to find some in white or blue to match the little colour theme I seem to have going on in my place, but I never seem to be able to find them in my rounds of the op shops and whatnot and the only ones I have liked from Antique and Collectible stores are out of my budget :(
    You are so lucky to have such an amazing collection! xx

  4. GAH I love it!! A collection of canister sets!!! That is awesome. I particularly am drooling over the orange willow ones and the orange with the white flowers (british).. I don't often find sets of them, the ones that go down in size... Usually one-offs. Or sometimes 2. So cool. It's like a collection of collections!!

    I am honoured to be one of your fav NZ bloggers and thanks for linking up. x
    Happy Days x

  5. Whew! What an awesome collection. I have the same pastel Nally ware, which I just adore, but now after looking at all of yours I may have to keep collecting!

  6. WOW! Want the lot! They are so pretty and the pastel set is just dreamy x

  7. Gorgeous! I have nowhere left to display my kitchenware, sobs quietly.

  8. They're all wonderful but I especially like the green ones and the orange ones .. the white ones under the orange are lovely too!

  9. Goodness me, what a lot you've got! x

  10. That certainly is quite a collection! Love the orange ones and the anodised green set. Lovely! xxx

  11. omgoodness what a collection!
    You have so many awesome canisters, one set in particular brought back childhood memories.
    (The orange set made by the British Plastic Pty Ltd) My Mom had that set when I was little in Yellow with white lids and gold flowers. Seeing the photo of yours brought me back to when I was 5 years old. *haha*

    I am crazy over your green canisters and the orange ones you got for Christmas.

  12. all i can say is wow! what a collection. amazing.

  13. Wow! You have an amazing collection - I love those orange ones from the British Plastic Company, I'm pretty such we had a few of those!

  14. Wow you have quite the collection it's very hard to pick a fav! I do have a soft spot for those anodised green ones! xx

  15. That is a seriously GREAT collection.

  16. You have soooooo many!! But they're all amazing! The very 50s ice cream colours are my favourite

  17. wowee so many! where do you keep them? and what do you keep in them? Im not sure which is my fav...perhaps the first pastels, but the white is awesome too so snazzy.

  18. So many pretty canisters. They are great for storage too.


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