Friday, 19 April 2013

Cash or Cheque

I found this button up dress a while ago at Desiree's favourite op shop. It kind of reminds me of a bank tellers uniform. Maybe it's the colour combination? It's been a good frock to wear over this long hot summer, being sleeveless & cotton. Hopefully I won't get asked to cash any cheques.

And now for an update on op shop crush....
(You can read about it here)

I had to decide whether to avoid the op shop because of the op shop crush, or face it head on. I decided to face it & went today. I spotted op shop crush in the second room with the bric-a-brac. I thought maybe I could be sneaky & just look at the clothing & leave, & he wouldn't see me. I made my getaway & headed into the oppy next door, feeling relieved that my plan worked. Then who comes bounding in following me???? Yes he came in to the op shop next door to up the stalking flirting factor. I threw in something about my weekend plans "with my husband". I made sure I mentioned "husband" more then once. He was still looking at me like he wanted to plant one on me.
Super awkward people! Let's hope he got the hint!


Outfit Details....

Vintage dress - Aid for the Blind
Vintage belt - op shopped
Miracle necklace - Lifeline
Carved bangles - op shopped
Sarah Coventry ring - Gifted by my Michelle
Green brooch - Endos
Navy wedges - retail from Target
Sunglasses - Ray Bans


  1. You really can't blame op shop crush for seeking you out your are gorgeousness. But in all seriousness I know and understand what it's like when attention towards oneself can get awkward. At this stage it's probably best to keep the captain talk right up there. I do hope he gets the hint if it's making you feel awkward.

  2. When I was out with Clare (Miss Simmonds) I gave my number to a charity shop boss claiming he was desperate for volunteers in his homeless shelter, I had 17 phone calls in one day! Hopefully yours is a lot less persistent. Take the Captain in with you next time!
    That dress is fab on you, accessorised to perfection.
    Have a brilliant weekend! xxx

  3. Yip I am here now!!!! Look at the 60's pendant on......just fabulous!!!! That dress is super cute and it will great in winter to as a pinafore. I was a bank teller in a past life and our dresses where not that cool.
    The "captain" has a mission he needs to defend his gorgeous lady from op-shop stalker.
    Have a wonderful weekend much love V

  4. Oh dear, I hope he got the message with all those mentions of your husband. Hopefully you can go back into that op shop without being stalked. I love those carved bangles. They match your nail polish so well. I'm always in awe of your accessory matching prowess. The dress is cute too.

  5. Oh, sweetie, your post made me smile, I think you handled it well. I did suggest taking the Captain with you, didn't I? I have not seen a bank teller as beautifully dressed as you - I love those colours and the bangles are just gorgeous. Hope you have a great weekend xx

  6. Not to worry next time *I* will come with you and deal with this crush business, ha ha ha!!! never fear my dear!!!

  7. Aww, good luck with your crush - I definitely think you should take your husband in to that oppy for a little chat with him. He couldn't not get the hint then!

    I love the colours in this dress - looks like a great summer vintage option! xx

  8. Bummer about the stalker! I had one once last year in Hong Kong he followed us around a giant shopping centre, we had to sneak out on to the street because he freaked me out. At least yours is friendly hopefully bringing hubby in will get him off your case. On to the lovely dress I love how you accessorised it gorgeous! xxx

  9. Gorgeous colours on that frock, you look lovely. I feel slightly sorry for your no-hoper of a stalker. You have your darling Captain, Op Shop Loser doubtless has no

  10. You look so amazing!! Love these colours :D

  11. a shopping stalker? Sheesh! Love the nail polish! That's a color I don't have! Now I must go find it.

  12. Errrrmmmegheeeeerd!!!!! This is ramping up to super excitement for me but it must be hellish for you, poor thing. I wonder if it's one of my local op shops hmmmmmmm? Meanwhile, keep HUSBAND and HAPPILY MARRIED in the conversation. I'm drooling like a mad thing over your amazing jewellery and nails!! xoxoox

  13. Ha! How exciting! A stalker in the op shop - that's a new one!!! Love the turquoise bling..

  14. uh oh! Stalker's still there! Can you take hubby in with you next time? The dress is great, love the colours, especially with the nails and bangles!


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