Monday, 29 April 2013

As the Deer Pants for the Water

The thing I love about op shopping is that you never quite know what you might find. It's rather random, & I like it like that. Sure there are things that I'm always on the look out for, like vintage frocks, bags, accessories, linen, kitsch things & kitchen things. But there are times when you stumble across something unexpected that is destined to become a favourite, like the glorious tapestry below.

A large tapestry with two deers in a lovely frame. The only thing is I tend to focus in on the white bottom!
$5 from a Nambour op shop

I have quite a large tin collection. They are so handy for storing things in. I love the pretty picture & shape of this old tin.
From the Brisbane Antique Centre 

 I love the retro pattern of this Japanese mug from Salvos

My mum picked up this green melamine sugar bowl for me which matches these salt & pepper shakers

 An old owl trivet from Vinnies

A large & barely used leather handbag by 'Fossil'
A great size & a lovely tan patchwork leather.
Lifeline $7 (would usually retail for around $300!)

  Do you go op shopping with something particular in mind, or do you just wing it like I usually do?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. You never know what you will come across when op-shopping. You got some great finds! I have quite the tin collection too. Mine got to the point where there were so many I had to start storing them within one another like Russian Dolls! I love the one that you picked up. That sugar bowl and matching shakes and fantastic too, and in one of my favourite colours. When I go op-shopping I usually wing it too, but I do always have the hope in the back of my mind that I will stumble across my dream vintage dress!

  2. Oh loaded question Mrs, I always have things in mind I'm on the hunt for. Sometimes I might head out for something particular I need but that is often for craft supplies. Otherwise it's always an adventure and mystery what I will come by and what will come home with me.

    I love the deer tapestry but agree the bottom does attract quite a bit of attention lol. The Japanese mug is right up my floral alley and the wee owl trivet is a cutie. X

  3. So funny - when you mentioned the white bottom that's what I focused on too. I TRY not to have anything in mind when I op shop, but there's usually something on my list. Spur-of-the-moment decisions for unexpected treasures usually end up being my most beloved purchases.

  4. That deer tapestry is great. I think if you go op shopping with something particular in mind you won't find it. The thing I love about op shopping is that you find things you never even knew you wanted. That being said, I do have a vague list of things in my mind that I one day hope to find.

  5. Oh such a lovely collection! I used to have a list in mind - but these days I just take it as it comes. There are a few key things I always have a look for, but if I see something that I think is awesome I'll just buy it (as long as the price tag is ok of course!)

  6. I went to buy knitting needles at the op shop last week, they always have some, and then of course I had to check out everything else. I found an almost new stainless steel stove -top whistling kettle - just what I needed as the other day my electrical kettle decided to set of the fuses. Karma! I probably didn't need the dvd, dress or the 1950s travelling thermos set, but never mind, I did drop off a bag of clothes while I was there. Still looking for vintage mix master beaters in the right size though!

  7. I sometimes look for that thing which makes my heart skip a beat, and sometimes I look for whatever will be useful. Sometimes I look for something which will complement an item I already own, or add to a collection. Sometimes I decide to start a collection!

  8. I never have a n agenda, that's a guaranteed way of missing out on something fab.
    Love the print on that mug - I've got those Melamine cruets, they usually come with a tray with an egg cup in the middle. x

  9. Oh I wing it, of course! You can pretty much guarantee you won't find anything you specifically have mind, though I have a mental list of stuff I'd love to come across one day (like my globe lamp, yay, found one!) I think it's good to go with the flow and not be disappointed if you don't find anything on one particular trip - you'll make up for it another day!
    Love all your finds, Leisa, especially the deer and the mug. xxxx

  10. Owl Trivet is soooo cute!
    And wow wow wow SCORE on that Fossil bag. I would have snapped it up in a instant.

  11. I love the deer art! When I go thrifting I never go looking for anything in particular because I don't want to be disappointed when I don't find it!

  12. I always have the "permanent list" which includes linen tea towels, sewing notions, crocheted doilies, proper glass/crystal paper weights (which I use for pattern weights when sewing) and a host of other bits and pieces. And then I just have a scout round and see what I can find. Tuesday's effort in the Mt Waverley Salvos (Melbourne) was two Lightening dress zips in original packaging 99c each, Sportsgirl sandals for The Dancer, unworn and $6, and a giant Tupperware cake carrier, $5. And the visit was because The Dancer had spied the sandals in the window while waiting for me on the train. You just never know what you are going to find.....and that is part of the fun :)

  13. Yay for fab treasures!! I usually have three categories of treasures when op shopping:

    1 Things I'm always looking for (vintage frocks, linens etc)
    2 Specific items I NEED right now (this week I'm looking for a school tunic)
    3 Whatever treasures I didn't even know I needed!

    Sarah xxx

  14. Such a Lovely Collection


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