Friday, 22 March 2013

Some People Call Me the Space Cowboy

I've been saying to my hubby for some time now that I like Bavarian frocks. You know the ones with a deep neckline? Mr P thought I meant something frilly or Octoberfest-ish, but I really just mean something plunging. Or maybe I mean Edwardian? I'm not sure. I found this frock at Salvos for $5. It's been handmade, & the cotton is so crisp that it can't have been worn much. It buttons down the front & has yellow trim. The fit is pretty perfect (& of course it's green!) so I am pretty pleased to add this to my collection & I've worn it heaps already.

 Outfit Details.......


Cotton frock - Salvos
Green bird brooch - a gift from the church dwelling Squirrels 
Vintage beads - a gift from Mum
Vintage rings - Op shopped
Chunky bracelet - from treasure collecting Tam 
Vintage cross-stitch bag - PAC
Belt & shoes - Retail 
Barry M emerald nails

Pics below taken at the WAC a few weeks ago.

I must admit there's no frocking up for me today. My week long lurgy has turned into a hacking cough that seems to be stirring up my pneumonia among the other chronic infections I battle all of the time. I'm desperately trying not to cough because I am so sore from nearly barking up a lung. Looks like I need extra antibiotics on top of the ones I'm on every day. No wonder I'm such a germ-a-phobe! Fingers crossed I'm well enough to go away this weekend.
Oh & some good news.....I became an Aunty for the 7th & final time today, to a wee Aussie/Kiwi baby girl named Summer!  A huge congratulations to my best friend, the Captains sister & hubby!

I'm posting this song because it's been stuck in my head lately! 
Happy Friday!



  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear you're unwell lovely! Get well soon. I love that frock - although I'm not exactly what I would call that style? The bias binding is lovely:)

  2. That dress is so lovely; you look beautiful! Oh goodness, all of the gorgeous tooled leather at the WAC--fantastic! I hope you feel better. :)

  3. Hi Sweetie, I am so sorry to read that you are still not feeling well. Pneumonia is horrible and coughing up a lung, or almost is exhausting. You look amazing in the new dress, how wonderful to find something homemade which has not been worn. It is lovely, and you are lovely in it. I popped into Toffs this afternoon after an appointment with my 11yo and I found a couple of things - I do look for green dresses for you! Take care my dear and have a restful weekend, xx

  4. I feel so bad for you. I hope the antibiotics take hold soon and fixes the lurgy. There is nothing worse that a hacking cough and pneumonia!, boy, I hope you shake that soon! Sending positive wishes so you are o.k. for your weekend away. Tam x

    p.s love the dress and the bird brooch is awesome!

  5. Dress - so pretty.
    Necklace - divine.
    Bird brooch - so cute!
    Bag - adorable.

    I hope you feel better soon, I always say I would rather a cold than a cough. And congratulations on becoming an auntie!

  6. You poor love, you certainly don't look poorly!
    That dress is gorgeous on you, love the scooped neckline and that pretty brooch and that tooled leather vanity case is just gorgeous. xxx

  7. I love love that dress, the pattern is just gorgeous, such a great shade of green! xxx

  8. Oh, no! I hope you get better soon. I love that frock. The yellow bias binding around the neck and arms is nice.

  9. oh sweet I am so sorry you have been feeling unwell, I hope you get better soon!!!! Take care!!!! Sending a big squirrel hug and warm fuzzy thoughts.
    I just love the pattern on the fabric of your dress, its so pretty, and the yellow binding just makes it.
    Hoping you have a restful and lazy weekend.
    love V

  10. Oooooooooooo, I spy me some tooled leather ECSTASY!!!
    O, sweets, bummer you're crook. Nothing worse than practically barking up a lung. Especially when you look so hot with your lungs stuffed into that fine frock! It's super special!
    Do take care, blossom, stay rested and comfy and get Mr P to wait on you! XXXXXXXXXX

  11. I hope you get better soon! I've just started coming down with something too... feels chesty and throaty and is obviously an early start to my yearly 3-6 month run of flu and fatigue :/
    I love this frock! Sooooo gorgeous! I bet that it is at least keeping your spirits up! xxx


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