Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Last Weekend of Summer

 The Captain & I are so glad we had the chance to go away for the weekend (a rare weekend off work for him), despite both of us being unwell. My hubby ended up feeling rather miserable with a sinus infection, & I was still battling my lurgy too. But despite that it was still a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We visited our "must do" op shops & found a few treasures, & I managed a swim too. It was such a hot weekend for the end of March, & the ocean was just stunning.

Here are a few of my op shop finds......

 Two handmade plastic beaded place mats
(Just like the bags I love)

A collection of cross-stitched doilies.
$1.50 for the lot! I've got grand plans to use a couple as pockets on a frock.

A navy "Sheldon" bag made in NSW with a lucky cent on the inside
Or does that really make it 19cents?

 Flying geese scarf clip

 Yep more beads & bangles!

 Gold & pink brooch

Gold ring with brown stone

A couple of new to me frocks
You can see why I needed some red beads!

And a red Nana cardigan

And I came home to find a wee handmade brooch & sweet card from our church residing Squirrels.
Thank you Miss V for thinking of me! I'm so looking forward to seeing you in August!


  1. How do you always manage to find such great things and frocks! Love the red and accessories.

    Glad to hear you got to have the weekend away, hopefully the sea air was good for your both.

    Hope you are feeling better, Tam x

  2. Great hunting! Love the red frock and cardy and necklace.. And the kitsch Iris placemats! Glad you had a nice break. Certainly not the end of summer here yet either - phew hot!!!

  3. I am sorry to hear you have both been feeling poorly but glad you both managed a weekend away together. I would love to swap your blue sky and sunshine for our cold weather here. Great buys I love the 2 dresses and little red cardigan best, enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  4. I'm almost too distracted by that glorious beach to comment on our fab finds! The red and orange dresses are gorgeous and the Squirrel's parcel is lovely! Hope you both start feeling much better soon! xxx

  5. There is nothing like a op shop to pick up the spirits when we arent feeling the best. OK, a stunning beach also also helps. Am loving the orange dress you scored and can't wait to see it in action.

  6. Hope you're feeling better now, that beautiful scenery would've helped. And those pretty embroidered doilies! x

  7. Oh that beach! I can't imagine it ever being warm again here in the UK!
    Sorry to hear you are both still under the weather but I'm glad it didn't stop you having a lovely relaxing weekend. The dresses are fabulous, and of course you needed red beads and a bangle to match! xxx

  8. You picked the right weekend it has been very hot for March. Love your finds, the doilies look great :-)

  9. Nice place and I really like your stuff :)

    Vintage Inspired Girls

  10. Hope you are both feeling better - what a beautiful beach! I love love love the dresses and can't wait to see you wearing them. Take care and have a lovely easter.


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