Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Frock Up Brisbane Fair

One of my favourite vintage clothing fairs was on this past weekend in Brisbane, The Way We Wear Fair. I really enjoy the laid back vibe of this twice yearly fair, & it's always delightful to see some of my favourite sellers like....

The prices are very reasonable, with plenty of cheaper items as well as beautiful quality & pricier ones. I came down with the Captains lurgy last week, so my plans to attend on Saturday were thwarted, as I just wasn't well enough to attend even with my Mum driving. But I was thankful to get there on Sunday. The Captain was going to drop me off, but seeing as I scored a double pass from the lovely Chris, he thought he would join me for a look. I didn't expect him to stay the entire time, but he was happily trying on shirts, hats & shoes, & getting into the vintage vibe. I am one lucky girl to have a husband who enjoys these things almost as much as I do!

 Glorious nic nacs & stall from Remember When

It was a bit of a shame that attendance seemed down this year, & the heat was stifling on Sunday, which didn't really lend itself to trying on vintage clothing. But I soldered on & came home with just a few things.

 I bought this DIVOOON plastic beaded bag from Vintage Hippy
The colour combo of orange & green is perfection!
If this bag were a man I'd marry it & have little beaded babies together. 

 A lolly pink Grace Bros cardigan

And I did purchase a frock that needs some surgery, but it feels like wearing a soft flannelette sheet, which will be perfect when the weather cools down a bit. And the Captain purchased a long sleeved cowboy shirt. I'm laying low this week trying to get over this bug I have, as we are hoping to go away for the weekend. And we all know I must preserve my strength for op shopping!
Priorities people!

Outfit Details......

Vintage frock - Ebay USA
Beaded bag - Salvos
Bead necklace & carved bangles - Vinnies
Enamel flower brooch - Etsy
Orange wedges - Retail
50's Sunglasses - Ebay


  1. You are a trooper my friend. I do love this fair and it's a shame I couldn't attend but every day on the weekend away from home is precious time away from me getting ready for market. You've certainly snapped a few beauties in those pics that I'm sure I would have swooned over a little had I gone. Nice score on the beaded bag, I'm sure you and Mr. Beaded Bag will divinely happy together for ever more. Here's to hoping I can make the next one even with babe in arms. X

  2. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. You sure look happy at the fair :) Did you get the green dress (in front of the suitcase?) is is really pretty. I am liking your orange accessories of late, the little beaded bag id just perfection. Take care, hope you are all revitalised for the weekend, Tam x

  3. How have I never heard of this! I'll have to check it out next time it's on.

  4. wow . i would loved to have being there. the bag is lovely. love lucyx

  5. I have been coveting a beaded bag like that for ages. Why can't I find one?
    But I'm afraid the bearded mannequins are just wrong!

  6. I so wish I could have made it! Fancy my aunty and cousin coming up from Sydney for their annual visit with a new baby on the exact same weekend! Looks like you had a ball, and I hope you are recovering well! xx

  7. I love that dress you're wearing and that sweet bag! I'm sorry to hear you've been laid low, you definitely need to conserve your strength and get fit and ready for op-shopping.
    I'd rather be single than not share my life with a man who didn't love second-hand shopping as much as me! xxx

  8. Love the beaded bag!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. I am so in love your frock, Leisa, the colours against the black background are superb. And that little beaded bag will go perfectly with it too!
    My other half would no more come to a vintage fair with me than fly, and I'm happy with that arrangement, each to their own.
    Take care of yourself, love, hope you feel better soon. xxx

  10. Hi, sorry to read that a bug is bugging you, and hope that you are feeling betters soon. I was thinking of you at lunch time when I saw a beaded coathanger just like your bag at the St Vincent de Paul shop. Alas, it was not for sale :-( Love the dress you are wearing - the black background is just perfect for contrasting those lovely bright flowers. Take care xx

  11. It's a shame you weren't feeling well on Saturday. I hope you're all better now. I love that bag you bought. Your outfit is lovely too.

  12. Great dress! The fair looks great, I'd love a rummage there! I like that cardi you picked up xx


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