Friday, 8 March 2013

Clockwork Orange Frock Friday

My darling husband suggested we have a coffee at the Brisbane Antique Centre down at Logan the other day. Mr P is a bit obsessed with adding to his model plane collection, so he is as keen as mustard to visit the vintage stores when we have the chance, & you know I don't need much convincing in the that department!
Today's cotton frock was a bargain purchase from the Gabba Antique Centre a while back. It was going cheap because the hem was left undone & fraying. I knew that would be easily fixed, but it is a size 20, & it was huge on me. My wonderful Mum made some alterations down the back seams so it is a better fit now.  It has a metal zip front, two pockets at the hips & a huge orange collar. It's one of my husbands new favourites.
Here are a few pics from the Brisbane Antique Centre.

My favourite stall of the bunch, lovely Chris' of Remember When

I love the yellow bird, I think it's another measuring spoon holder like my owl, & I have the same salt house below from my 81 year old friend Betty

Feeling right at home surrounded by nic-nacs.

I spotted two frocks that I loved, & a divine swimsuit at Cassies Corner

Majorly tempted by that green & yellow glass footed bowl, but where will I put it? It would make a wonderful jewellery stand!

Enamel brooches from Cassies Corner
I'm rather smitten with these at the moment

The Captain wearing a $2 vintage shirt.

An Aeroplane Jelly kids ride

Outfit Details........

Vintage frock - Gabba Antique Centre
Beaded bag - $2 Salvos
Orange bird brooch -  Erstwilder
Green deer brooch - Ebay
Carved bangles - $2 Vinnies
Vintage rings - markets
Cardi, belt & shoes - Retail

I'm off for a few hours of physiotherapy in the city today while my hubby continues the car hunt. 
I hope you are having a wonderful Friday! Xx


  1. Hi Leisa, the dress is lovely matched with the green cardi, I can see why it is Mr P's fav. I do like his photo with the gun and the croc. Hope the physio isn't too painful, take care, Tam x

  2. Your dress is AMAZING! I must find myself one similar..or exact! We have a huge warehouse shop type thing like this 10 min drive from us. Need a whole day to see everything. Happy friday to you too! x

  3. OMG I love that frock and cardi! I totally thought the cardi was retro, it looks the part!
    Is that the Antique Centre in Paddington?! Desiree & Kitty took me there, and I LOVED IT!!!! Tell me you got those 2 frocks, the swimsuit AND the green and yellow glass footed bowl!!! They are all to DIE for fabularse!!!

  4. Any guesses at what m going to say?
    That dress is AWESOME I love it's perfect and everything adore. I just love a dress with front pockets, big collars and floral. Like Helga I too thought the carnie was retro, either way good retro score.

    I'm yet to get up Logan to the antique centre, I know, I know shame on me. I'm busy today cleaning, mending and preparing bits and pieces or all the things I've got coming up,

  5. That dress is so gorgeous! I still have to send you the formal silk one I have that is too big on me. I lost it in the move, but when I find it, I'll send it your way :)
    As always, you know how to accessorise, girl! I love your brooches :) xx

  6. Love the dress and cardi! Looks like an amazing place to visit!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. That frock is perfection, you look brilliant in it. The orange trimmings are super groovy! x

  8. You obviously have a really great Husband if he asked you to go for coffee to a Antique mall. =D
    I cannot believe all of the awesome stuff in your photos. I don't think I have ever seen that much vintage all in one area. I would be over the moon happy in a place like that.
    p.s. I am crazy about vintage swimsuits. That one you were holding is so cute!

  9. I'd love to explore that place, it looks wicked. YOur dress is brilliant, you should've got the cossie too!

  10. What a great shop, we've never ventured down there before. Love your finds especially the dress (looks too familiar lol)and the beaded bag, my Nanna got me into making that stuff when I was a kid - have not seen one for AGES!

  11. i love colorful bathing suit!


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