Friday, 15 March 2013

Blame It on the Rain

Is it weird to love rainy days? We've had an unusually wet month & I must admit I am in my element. I love waking up to a cloudy day. I find the rain soothing somehow. I know it is horrible when it causes flooding & accidents, but for some reason those gloomy days make me happy. Maybe it's because I love the cooler weather, or maybe it's because it reminds me of New Zealand. Who knows. Kind of strange, but hey that's me.

So it was a treat to wear some heavy polyester & a short sleeve cardigan. I usually can't cope with this kind of fabric through Summer. This is a handmade frock from Ebay. I refashioned it slightly by removing the sleeves.

That's the murky Brisbane River behind me. We dropped into New Farm Park on the way to a medical appointment on the Captains day off.

Outfit Details.......

Handmade frock - Ebay
Orange & green beads, orange ring & bangles - Op shopped
Orange bird brooch - gift from the Captain
Navy bag - Garage Sale
Cardi, belt, shoes & green ring - Retail

Happy Friday....& if it's grey wherever you are think of me!
Here's a clip of my favourite lip syncing band of the 80's Milli Vanilli

And if you're a resident of Brissy, you might be interested in Frock Up Brisbane on this weekend at Mt Gravatt. Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. This is such a happy, pretty outfit its no wonder you felt good on that cloudy day! I love summer but I can't help but get excited for some cooler weather come this time of year. Cooler weather means more interesting and beautiful outfits, and that's always a good thing in my opinion!

  2. Aaaaaaaaah many hours have been spent over the years, chasing my kids through the trees with aerial roots in the playground, wobbling about on the swing bridge and shoving my nose into hundreds of rose blooms at New Farm Park! I do so love rain too and everything's so GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN now!!! I love your beautiful frock and jewellery - the orange bird is divoooooooon! xxoxo

  3. Again, another wonderful frock! Im looking forward to the cooler months so I can wear polyester without sweating! You always seem to match your accessories so well too! Lovely.

  4. Oh sweet the pattern is another winner o that dress, perfect with the orange accessories. Little birdie brooch is so cute. Have a wonderful time at the "Frock up Brisbane". Love V

  5. A rainy day never gets me down. I love and find it sad that it starts to drizzle and people get all miserable and cursing Mother Nature. One of the upsides over course to older rainy weather in Queensland as you mentioned is being able to wear more of our vintage frocks. This one my love is stellar it's highlighting your gorgeousness. Is there ever any doubt that I won't like your outfits?

    Stay gorgeous my sweet darling friend. X

  6. If you lived in Manchester UK you wouldn't be so fond of the rain ;)
    Love the fabric and cut of the dress, really suits you. X

  7. Ha, it's a mizzley (mizzle being that fine light rain that you can hardly see but which soaks you just the same!) day here in Sheffield too, but we don't usually get much of a summer to compensate! You look delicious in that frock, Leisa, I love the navy trim running in those diagonal lines and the button detail. And you know how I love a bit of orange!
    Enjoy the vintage fair! xxxx

  8. I love that frock - beautiful fabric!! I love rainy/stormy weather too. I'm kind of over sunshine at the moment. I can't wait for this drought to be OVER! Love your orange bird brooch. You look so happy in these pics - YAH!!

  9. I love all the pops of orange and green. I like rainy days too, which is lucky living in NZ. That bird brooch is lovely.

  10. I love this outfit orange and navy blue are a fab combination. dee x


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