Friday, 1 March 2013

$2 Frock Friday

I found this cotton Kenwall frock at a little op shop in Caloundra. I had called in there a couple of times already while we were away & never found anything of interest, so I almost didn't bother having another look. But when I walked in I saw this lovely vintage dress hanging before me, & I knew that pretty floral print had to come home with me. It's really about 3 sizes too big, but I think I can disguise that with the belt & vest.

Outfit Details.....
 Vintage frock - Op shopped
Green bead necklace - Etsy
Green bangle & brooch - Op shopped
Yellow bangle - Etsy
Enamel flower brooch - Ebay
Green 70's ring - Chapel St Bazaar
Disco ring - Suitcase Rummage
Vest, belt & shoes - Retail
Sunnies - Ray Bans

How I would love to be transported back to holidays at the beach, instead searching car yards for a replacement for my hubby's car. His is in a bad way, needing to spend more on repairs then it's worth, & we're reluctant to drive it at the moment. Such an exciting way to spend a Friday!


  1. Car shopping is never much fun :( your hair looks so pretty in this post, I like the curls. The dress is pretty and doesn't look too big at all. I love etsy, I shop the way too much! Hope you find the perfect car, Tam x

  2. You look lovely in the dress - I can see why you bought it, the colours are so pretty. If it is 3 sizes too big then you have disguised it well by wearing a waistcoat because I think you look gorgeous. Car shopping is not my thing. I like vintage and retro cars but not interested in buying one!! Hope you have a great weekend. xxx

  3. This dress is gorgeous! I feel your pain with the car hunting - I have started looking for a replacement for mine. I'm not holding up much hope that the insurance company will fix it :(

  4. Oh that dress is really lovely. Im sure your so glad you went back into the shop. Love the accessories with it too. Im a big fan of wearing a belt if I love a dress but its huge on me!

  5. You look gorgeous, Leisa, the print on the dress is so pretty, and at $2, it would have been positively rude not to buy her!
    The waistcoat and belt certainly mean it doesn't look too big - you could always take it in down the side seams if the zip is at the back, make it a little snugger on your fab figure.
    Loving all the green accessories, and the beautiful holiday photos.
    Good luck with the car shopping... not as much fun as op shopping, I imagine! xxx

  6. Lovely frock and fabulous views.

  7. That's why I live in waistcoats, my clothes are always too big!
    Your hair looks gorgeous and I love that bargain frock. xxx

  8. Gorgeous pattern, you'd never know it was too big! $2 too good a bargain to miss x

  9. A very pretty bargain dress, love the pattern and it doesn't look too big at all. Hope the car hunt works out well.

  10. What a lovely print. You can't tell that it is too big for you so that was some good disguising. I love your green necklace too.

  11. Love the frock - and what you've done w/ it :) Sorry about ur dh's car ;-

  12. Such a lovely frock and beautiful views - I think you've hidden the fact the frock is over sized really well, it looks great xoxox

  13. very very nice dress! I love the pattern, it just says lazy summer days to me. Beautiful jewellery, I love the green necklace too. That flower is just amazing. The Wayfayers are damn cool, I used to have some but they broke! xxx

  14. Such a pretty pretty dress! Love all of your gorgeous accessories as always - especially the green enamel floral brooch and the disco ring!! Ergh, car trouble is almost as bad as IT trouble!!! Hope it is sorted soon.

    Love! Sarah xxx

  15. Too big is fine, that can be adjusted. It's too MSALL that's an annoying issue!!
    It's a sweetie, and a fabularse bargain to boot!
    O, car trouble is just traumatising!


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