Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

 I've always been fascinated with taking a sticky beak into peoples wardrobes. I remember playing in one of my Mum's friends wardrobes when I was a girl, she had the most amazing shoe collection, & because this particular lady was very petite her shoes fit me. It was so wonderful trying them on & pretending I was all grown up & glamorous. (Pic above is the DIVINE wardrobe/room from the girls at Oh So Lovely Vintage)
I dream of playing dress ups in some fellow blog friends wardrobes Sarah's, Helga's, Curtise's & that of our world famous Vix. I admire these ladies style, & I am often left drooling over their selection of amazing frocks. So I thought that if you are a sticky beak like me, you might be interested in seeing where I store my clothing collection. I am rather fortunate to have 3 large built in wardrobes, so apart from our main wardrobe in the bedroom, of which I have 2/3 of the space, to Mr P's 1/3, I also have flow over into the other two wardrobes as well, & I can move things around as the seasons change.

 This is obviously the frock section, with shoes down the bottom, & a vertical hanging storage thingo which contains extra shoes, bras, slips & tights.

 I LOVE playing dress ups with my own clothes. It's like having my very own vintage shop!

 This is the cardigan area. I don't tend to wear 'jumpers' (or sweaters) but I do have quite a few cardigans in both long & short sleeves. Jeans & pants are up there too, although I rarely wear them anymore. I'm thinking I need some sort of basket system where I can colour code the cardi's for easier access.

 Above middle & right is my 'vintage' cardigan collection. I think the most expensive was around $3.

 The other side of the wardrobe with tops & jackets, shoes & underwear.

So there you have it. Well the main part anyway. I do like to try to keep things organized & tidy. Although I have a lot of clothes, I spend less now then I did when I only bought at retail stores.
If you are interested in shopping from my wardrobe, you can check out some vintage clothing I have for sale at my Facebook  page. The most fabularse Misfit ever, Sarah has just posted in a couple of my frocks here. They look AMAZING on her!

 I would love to take a peek in your wardrobe too. Is that strange???


  1. O M Goodness!
    Here it is just the opposite. My husband's clothes take up 2/3 of the space, probably more truth be told.
    I love clothes, but hate shopping for them.
    You have some lovely things for sale btw, I'm very tempted by the purple 'paisley' mini - just need to get my tape measure out!

  2. Wow! You have a grear wardrobe space - I'm jealous. I'm in desperate need of more space (or perhaps less stuff? Nah....)

  3. Oooh, I love getting to see other people's wardrobes. You are so lucky to have so much wardrobe space. I just have a double rolling clothing rack to keep all my dresses on. It's pretty unsightly and is jam packed because I have so much stuff.

  4. Goodness women you're bursting at the seams. I have such a small collection in comparison to what you've showed us here. As I've mentioned before my wardrobe has been rebuild mode for the last few years. I'll get there with more and more pieces that I love, but that's the thing with "vintage" it takes time, it's not something you can go out in a day have a splurge a have a whole new's got to be curatored.

  5. What an amazing collection!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. you wouldn't get any palpitations over my wardrobe, but i'd love to rifle yours!

  7. Wow, what a collection. Is that a school uniform I see poked up in there or are my eyes playing tricks...the tartan number? I wish my clothes were so well organised. T x

  8. What a fab sneak peak, I'd love to play dress up in your wardrobe, it's so colourful and bursting with prints!xxx

  9. Well, you can rummage in mine if I can rummage in yours!
    It would be far easier for me to look through your very well-organised wardrobe, Leisa - my stuff is crammed in and hung in various odd spots all over the house, not in the slightest bit nice to look at or organised.

    All those beautiful colours and prints make my heart pit-a-pat a little bit faster - lovely! xxxx

  10. Well my, my you are organised!! I have a rack of tutu's in #3 Son's room, much to his disgust (actually he's been very tolerant for an 11yo). I do wish I could keep everything in just one spot, but I'm frequently seen flitting from one room to another (including the lounge) just to get dressed every morning - nightmare!! I'll get in touch for a poss exquisite meet-up maybe next week - just had two weeks of hell and things are just starting to settle. Love ya baby!! xoxoxox


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