Friday, 1 February 2013

Tea Towel Bag Lady Frock Friday

I bought this handmade shift dress from the Silky Oak op shop. It's super comfortable & cool on a summers day. There were 2 of them at the op shop in exactly the same design but with different fabrics. I left the other one behind because it was a bit beige & insipid on me. The frock cost me $6, & then I saw the other one for sale at the WAC for $45! I often see things for sale there that I've spotted in the op shops.
I wore it with a bolero made from 2 tea towels, with the addition of some ric rac. Oh how I adore ric rac. I wish everything I wore had ric rac on it. I even like saying the words ric rac. Even my hubby is well versed in the wonders of ric rac. How amazing is my gigantic Nana rug bag from the fabulous Trudie? The local fishermen down by the bay were giving me some strange looks....haven't you ever seen a gigantic Nana rug bag before fellas??????

Outfit Details.......

Vintage dress - Silky Oaks op shop
Tea towel bolero - BVFF
Green pendant & Little plate ring- Ebay
Green beads - Gifted by Treasured Tam
White brooch - Gifted by dearest Miss G
Sarah Coventry bracelet - Caloundra
Green ring - Each to Own
50's Sunglasses - Ebay
Nana rug bag - Truly scrumptious Trudie
(I always sing that song when I think of her!)
Shoes - Rubi
Nail polish - Barry M cyan blue


  1. I'm first, I'm first, I'm FIRST!!!
    I must be catching Sarah's competitive spirit!
    OMG, this little tea towel bolero is to DIE for adorable!!! And yes, ric ric is not only a fabularse word (like faux and looorex), but it's also THE most divoon trim and should be on everything, everywhere!!!
    Love the little frock, it looks so light and cool and pretty. Accessorised like a pro too, I love how you do that!
    You are looking truly gorgeous and I love that bloody bag! Jealous!

  2. You are the queen of accessories my dear, and I would give you a crown if I had one! I loooove this outfit so much! Everything from the bolero (whIch is super unique and making me green with envy) to the dress, to the bag and all of your jewellery work so well together in this outfit! Will you give me dressing lessons? Haha sometimes I seriously think I need them :) xxx

  3. Oh, the dress is just gorgeous teamed with the tt bolero, the colours are just perfect. The Nana rug bag is awesome!

    I often see dealers when I am out and about, that's why the oppies have raised their prices and have you noticed they now check ebay etc before pricing? :(

    Hope you are well, Tam x

  4. OOOOhhhh, I love this dress and the cute bolero. You look so cool. I am thinking of using ric rac to embellish one or two of those dresses I bought. I would never have thought your bolero was two tea towels. The bag is awesome. I love crochet.

  5. Hello pretty lady!!!! The pattern on that dress is lovely and the balero is fabulous. If you ever decided that nanna rug bag needs a new home????? Tee hee.
    Have a splendid weekend sweet. Love V

  6. Beautiful dress and a gorgeous bag to. You do find some lovely clothes. dee xx

  7. I love you in this dress, actually I'm loving seeing you in these lighter and more pastel florals, pastels really suit you. That bolero is the sweetest thing and so unique. You're accessorised to the heavens and are devine. But then of course is the bag, it truly is wonderful seeing it get so much use, it makes me so pleased I gifted to you. X

  8. What a cute idea, the teatowel bolero, looks very pretty with the dress. You've found good some bargains lately. Opping has been pretty average around here.

  9. Woah! I need a ric-rac trimmed tea towel bolero in my life, it's gorgeous and so are you! x

  10. I love everything about this OOTD - ditto to what Vix wrote above, ditto to what you wrote about ric-rac :) Partially I think I like hearing it said because it reminds me of Scooby-Doo's "ruuuh rooo" <3

  11. Pretty frock - but I have to admit, that bolero made my heart skip a beat! I want a tea towel bolero!

  12. Such a pretty little frock, Leisa, as pretty as the views! That bag from Trudie is amazing, and who thought to make a bolero out of tea towels? With added ric rac? Whoever it was, they are a genius! xxxx

  13. I really want a tea towel bolero!! Looks like there's quite a few fans! Your dress is lovely and a bargain too

  14. I love rick rac and Andy will always point it out to me when he spots it anywhere xxx

  15. What an amazing outfit, love it!
    I keep knitting granny squares, you know, just for the fun of it. I don't feel I have the patience to make a I know what I am going to make. A bag!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    I have just found your blog so I shall continue to read and catch up.
    Emma. X

  16. This is a cheery ensemble. Pastel has power!

  17. I'm pretty sure I gasped when I saw your tea towel jauqette. I must do this! So adorable!
    ; )


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