Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rings and Shiny Things

I think we all know by now that accessories are a major weakness of mine...can a girl have too many??? Here are some recent additions to my ever growing collection, most of which were found at various Sunshine Coast op shops.

This set was from a USA Etsy seller. The entire cost was $7 including postage!

Old + Enamel = Happiness!

Old brooch

Old carved (bakelite?) bangles $1 each

Blue bangles 20cents each

Navy & white earrings - Lifeline
Green button earrings - Dolly Did It @ Eumundi

Various vintage rings
Most expensive was $3

Hubby's first cufflinks $1

Agate brooch/pendant
Buderim Op Shop

Green old man driving cap $1

A sweet little gold bracelet 

And finally because all of these accessories need to find a home, another spoon rack to display some necklaces....I quite like the design of this one

A happy nook in our bedroom


  1. You must have the BEST collection ever!! I love the enamel flower & the little gold bracelet. Love the storage as well!

  2. Stunning finds my dear. I'm yet to acquire my first enamel flower brooch and that yellow one is a pretty. Those carved bangles are lovely too. If I remember correctly Celia has a great post about identifying Bakelite, worth checking out her archives.

  3. What pretty things. I love how you've displayed them. Jon's rather partial to those driving caps, such a sweet colour. x

  4. You are like a little magpie when you go op shopping, Leisa - if it's colourful and shiny, it catches your beady, birdy eye! You have the most wonderful collection of jewellery, I always love what you choose, but I have to say the star of this post are those magnificent engine-turned cuff links! Hope the Mr likes them as much as I do! xxxx

  5. You have the best jewelrey and I love the spoon rack idea. I think I may have to copy.

  6. Beautiful finds, as always :) I love the carved bangles! Those beauties would never find their way off my wrist if I happened upon them! xxx

  7. You can never have too many accessories and your are always gorgeous. I like your new spoon jewellery holder. The cuff links are beauties, lucky Mr P :)

  8. Love the little flower braclet and the cuff links are really nice xx

  9. I just picked up a green necklace a little like yours on the weekend. I think they are so cool. Your yellow flower brooch is sweet. I really love carved bangles!

  10. for those prices and considering how flippin' gorgeous they are, you couldn't leave them alone. They're all really gorgeous, love the sunshine set from etsy and the bakelite bangles too x

  11. I quant believe you got Bakelite so cheap! They're gorgeous! Hehe I was laughing at the "most expensive $3" quote xx

  12. Can't not quant! I don't even know what quant means!

  13. Thanks for finding and following my blog and for the comments about my polyester clothes! So glad you did, as now Ive got your lovely blog to add to my list! That yellow brooch is amazing! Love how you love vintage!

  14. lots of lovely shiny bits there magpie! my fave is the enamel flower brooch, they are just divine aren't they, no matter the colour or design, i'd love to find one myself one day. lovely to have you linky x


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