Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mr P's Thrifted Finds

My husband & I don't get to visit our local Sunday markets very often. When I suggest it, Mr P is usually a little reluctant. The majority of the market is cheap imported tat, but there are some vintage sellers & you can sometimes find a treasure among the trash. My hubby plays the bass, & he currently has 3 on rotation. He bought a vintage Japanese made 'Riviera' bass from one of the sellers for $30, not knowing if it would work. He was pretty excited when he plugged it into his amp to find it does work. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself. Since it's been re-stringed it sounds pretty sweet too.

I found a vintage wot-not shelfy doo-dad thingo. Not sure what you call it, so I'm sticking with that. It really is a doozer of a doo-dad, each little shelf can be positioned any way. It was $4 at a garage sale & I thought it would make a good display shelf for Mr P's plane collection.

An old brochure/poster of a British Airways plane

1976 edition of Truck & Bus magazine

I'm SO glad my husband doesn't mind op shopping. He might not LOVE it as much as I do, but he does get a kick out of it from time to time!


  1. Oooooh looks like Mr D and The Phoenix have quite a bit in common! P is a mad keen bass player from a loooooooong way back and I bought him a purple one last year that apparently has some "sweet action":) And he's a total fecking plane NUTTER!!!!!!! Oh dear, those two together? Well lets just say we could just nip out to Paddy's then raid the oppies eh? Oooooh I love the doo-dad thingy whatsit! xoxoxo

  2. Cool guitar and I love the watnotthingameedoodad. My Dear H loves all things to do with trains so when he comes with me he is looking for trains related stuff and also vinyl records and books to read. My Dear D 11yo also prefers books to clothes. Its good to keep opshopping in the family!! The British Air brochure reminds me of a air stewardess uniform collector who I follow on facebook. Air Stewardess uniforms can be so cool or so hideous.

  3. That's a great looking guitar. Thanks for sharing Mr P's collection, I'd love to see more. T x

  4. Loving those shelfs those are really neat :-) dee x

  5. I love a man who knows how to shop! x

  6. Great doodad thingsgummy, perfect for the wee planes!
    Men and guitars and trains and plains and automobiles - but at least he likes to op shop! xxxx

  7. Yep, G is the same! Quite enjoys opshopping, but isn't as obsessed as I!
    He gets very excited when he finds something, especially clothing! G is more of a Trade Me King; he finds amazing scores!
    The doodad is perfect for Mr P's planes! LOVE the BA brochure, those 60's/70's air stewardesses had the BEST frocks!!!

  8. Always good to have a partner who likes second hand shopping too! That bass is really nice and I love those old BA brochures!


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