Monday, 25 February 2013

Kitsch in the Kitchen

I am always on the look out for kitsch stuff to add to my kitchen. Although we don't have a humungous kitchen, I continue to find room by getting rid of the boring newer stuff, & filling it's place with the old. 
Out with the new & in with the old is my motto!
Here are a few recent op shop finds.

Hello Mr Owl!!!
Isn't he just the sweetest?? 
And he just happens to match my kitchen owl plaque from lovely Tam
The spoons even have the original stickers still on.
Happy 'Hoots' to me!

Above is my owl from Tam

Some new to me vintage Pyrex bowls, just like my Mums.
$1 each Vinnies

A bakelite Kingsley-ware snack jar
$2 Vinnies

I've stopped adding to my tea cup collection, but when I saw 'Royal Albert' Country Roses for a few dollars I gave into temptation.

So ugly it's kitsch Japanese fish platter wall plate
50cents Salvos

A sweet wee Japanese egg cup....not sure why I'm drawn to these when I never eat boiled eggs! It must be a bird thing.
I paid 50cents & I recently saw him at the WAC for $15.....go figure!

Salt & pepper shaker set 'Pennine' by Wedgewood
$1 from Salvos

 I'm not too sure if my love affair with kitsch kitchen stuff will ever end. I guess the only thing that will stop me is lack of space, isn't that always the problem for a collector!?

Do you have a favourite vintage piece in your kitchen?


  1. I love the owl!!!! He is just wonderful!!!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  2. You have such a lovely kitchen - I'm quite jealous! I think I love the fish the most:D

  3. That birdy egg cup is the cutest thing I have ever seen. You could always put toothpicks in it.

  4. kitsch kitchen all the way!!!! That owl measuring spoons thing is BOSS!!! Egg cups great thing to collect - nice and small.!

  5. Love the owl measuring spoon set - so jealous!! You always seem to find the most amazing treasures :)

  6. Well done is all i'll say! Everything is amazing!

  7. Can you believe it? The owl was meant to be yours. Love the little spoons.Tam x

  8. Love the pyrex!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Wow, I love the pyrex and the snack jar. I'm the same when it comes to kitchen bits. My home is slowly filling up with vintage junk! I love it though xx

  10. I love it all, Leisa! The owl, the snack jar and the egg cup are my faves. My vintage kitchen weakness is definitely glassware - 1950s especially but 60s and 70s are also welcome! xxx

  11. The fish platter is too cute!

    If I had seen that on my Salvation army shop floor I would have yelled "I WIN I WIN" And everyone would have thought I was some chic high on drugs.
    *lol* I have been a lil obsessed with fish as of late, and of course Crustaceans are divine and I have a huge area of my heart reserved for them. The pyrex bowls are so cute and your snack jar is fabulous. You did REALLY WELL!

  13. I also really love that fish platter, though the owl clock rules over all. The other owls are very cute too. I love the edible looking snack jar too! xxx

  14. Love the snack bar and the pyrex there gorgeous :-) dee xx

  15. Love the "out with the new in with the old" mantra too! Bought my Mum that wee egg cup a few years ago for her easter display.

  16. some great finds!!...there is always room to be found!!. although I am questioning just how many cute tea cups do I need??!
    that owl is mighty cute! x

  17. We had the same (although in green) Kingsley-ware snack jar as our biscuit barrel when I was a kid.


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