Friday, 8 February 2013

Frock Friday

I got this frock at a garage sale where a girl was selling off her Grandma's clothes. I'm not sure if it's 1970's or 80's, but I'm thinking 80's because it reminds me of the frocks my Mum wore back then. It has an elastic waist & pockets at the hips. It's light & cool, & it's a good one to wear my cotton petticoat under. 

Outfit Details......

Vintage dress - $4 Garage sale
Enamel brooch - childhood collection
Orange necklace & turquoise ring - Retail
Turquoise bracelet & orange ring - Op shopped
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Petticoat - Timaru op shop
Belt & shoes - Retail
Sunnies - RayBans


  1. The dress is lovely and what a great colour. I would never have thought to team up orange with turquoise but its really stunning. Nice to see what you are wearing underneath !! Hope you have a great weekend, xx

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  3. I love that dress, it looks more 80s to me than 70s. I really love the pockets, very cute.

  4. Sweet frock and I love the lie with orange combo in the accessories. Definitely more 80's for sure, but either way who is passing up a cotton frock in a nice colour that fits in Queensland summer. Looking gorgeous my sweet. X

  5. I love orange with turquoise, the look so summery and cheery worn together.
    I'm looking at your bare toes and longing for the chance to wear sandals again! x

  6. I those types of dress with the big pockets... They're always so cool and soft. This one has got a great pattern and I like it with orange. Oooh and a flash of petticoat is always good!

  7. That dress is to die for! I love it! xx

  8. Dammit that bag is sensational!!!!! And I love every single piece of jewellery you're wearing ... I'm sure the previous owner never looked quite as glam in your lovely turquoise cotton number :) xoxo

  9. You look very lovely today. have a great weekend, dee xx

  10. Very you Leisa!! Are you back from up the coast now?? I guess yes? I've lost track of everything sorry!

  11. Yay, a flash of Leisa's petticoat, fabulous!
    Love the frock, turquoise and orange are certainly a bright and beautiful combination. Great jewellery and bag too - of course! xxxxx

  12. Holy heck is that handbag of yours EVER AWESOME! *wowza*
    You look fabulous, it's always the greatest feeling to find vintage dresses for a good price isn't it?!

  13. OOOOOOOO, that beaded bag!!!! It's tres fabularse!
    This is such a pretty frock, and we like lightweight frocks in this heat!
    The orange touches are perfection! XXX


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