Friday, 22 February 2013

Eumundi Frock Friday

This is my first ever non vintage frock'll forgive me wont you??? I honestly rarely wear anything 'non' vintage these days, I almost feel naked without it, but this frock is suited to holidays. I bought this cotton dress from the Eumundi Markets a year ago. It's made by Boom Shankar who are based in Noosa. I like the cut of this dress, & of course the bird print in a stretch cotton. These pics were taken on a not so sunny day on the Sunshine Coast.

Outfit Details.......

 Cotton dress -  Boom Shankar
Vintage scarf - no idea where or when!
Bird brooch - gifted by the Sweetest Squirrel Miss V
Green & silver necklace - Retail in NZ by Max
Black vintage pendant, bangle & two vintage rings - all op shopped
Shoes - Retail
Sunnies - Ray Bans  


  1. Boom Shankar's one of my favourite bars in South Goa so I love it! That's one fabulous dress and it looks wonderful with all your pretty bling.
    I'd be more than happy to wear non-vintage if I ever found anything ethically made and cheap enough, I'd wear your dress like a shot! xxx

  2. Darling, you were up early this morning!!!
    Hey, non vintage is just fine. If it rocks, well, it ROCKS! As does this frock!!! It's lovely, as are these pix, my lovely! XXX

    1. I have no idea why my post published itself at that unearthly hour!? Strange indeed! Thank you as always for your lovely comments, Love you! Xx

  3. Hi..while I do love your vintage dresses, this dress is amazing. I love everything about it, the colours, the pattern and fit. The shed matches perfectly too. Tx


  4. We're all vintage loving gals, but at the end of the day for me it's about creating my style that is true to me and so I don't feel that I'm a fashion same same drone with modern throw away fashion. Non-vintage fashion of course plays it's part in my wardrobe it has to with little ones in tow. But really for me it's about about unique fashion and wearing things that speak to me, my tastes, lifestyle and sensibilities. This dress my love is everything that you are UNIQUE & GORGEOUS.

  5. I love this dress, Leisa, you don't have to apologise for it not being vintage! Most of us mix and match, I buy vintage and recent-but-secondhand, or retail-but-reduced, and like Vix, if I could find interesting ethical clothing I could afford, I would buy that as well.
    The print is gorgeous, the yoke design is lovely, and doesn't it fit you well? Perfect! xxxx

  6. What a pretty dress! Looking through your blog, I see you have great taste. I thrift also and am shifting into vintage, so your collection of goodies here are a treasure-trove.

  7. gorgeous dress, it looks really nice at the back too. Very pretty indeed! It may not be sunny there but it still looks beautiful! x

  8. I absolutely LOVE this dress - it looks amazing!

  9. Hello beautiful lady just popping in with a quick hello and big squirrel hug!!!!! We move tomorrow so will not have an internet connection again!!!!
    The dress is so lovely, I have been wearing a bit of non-vintage too, it does feel different.
    Yay the wee brooch looks so sweet.
    Love V

  10. Digging those sandals. They remind me of Swedish Hasbeens.


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