Sunday, 13 January 2013

Op Shop Extravaganza (Part 1)

So this is part 1 of my thrifted finds from the last week.

On my last visit to a strip of op shops I spent the most money I've ever spent in one op shopping session. It's weird how some days the pickings are slim to none, & occasionally you seem to be on a roll. I have always loved old mirrors, but never had one of my own, as they cost a bomb at the antique stores. My Mum sold the one she had for many years at a car boot sale for $5.....such a shame as it was so pretty & worth a lot more then that. I found this large oval bevelled edge mirror at Vinnies. It cost $35 which is a big spend for me, but love the size & the details, & it's in great condition too.

 A tooled leather wallet with birds on both sides & in perfect condition

 Old metal bangle

 Carnival glass black beads

Green head scarf

 1947 edition of 'Anne of Avonlea' with a sweet inscription
Vinnies 50cents

 A wee embroidered cot sheet. Not that I have any use for it....but who could resist those puppies?!

 A green stripe uniform with green collar detail
I can imagine working behind the counter of some old Diner in this!
Red Cross $1

 Multi coloured frock


  1. What a great haul!!! The mirror is divine as is the room it's in, all those cute little nick nacks all together! And the purse is gorgeous...great job xx
    Adelle -

  2. You got that mirror for a bargain! Mirrors are soooooooooo expensive, plus the details on yours are exquisite! I love the metal bangle - and I haven't been to Silky Oaks in ages. I'm having a right old gander at your beautiful couch and cushions with your scrummy crochet blankies - eye candy galore!!! xo

  3. Oh!! Great finds, I'm loving the reflection in the mirror, your house looks full of fab things x

  4. Gorgeous mirror, sometimes it's worth splashing the cash when you see something really good.
    Love the purse and the bangle and the frock.
    I know what you mean about the feast or famine thing with charity/op shopping. So I reckon you have to get it when you see it, as there might be a fallow period round the corner! xxxxx

  5. Oh I just love when the op-shop universe is shining on you, it's the best fun ever!!!
    The mirror is fabulous and so worth every penny. My favourite find would have to be the wallet, it's a beauty.
    Looking forward to seeing you in the stripe dress sweet.
    Love V

  6. Such sweetness in that mirror, what a gorgeous score. Without fail you've come up with the goods with your other finds, a tooled wallet/purse is very much on my list at the moment and you've come up with one that is an absolute treat for you. Loving the green scarf and dresses too. You're thrifting adventures are certainly off to a fabulous start for the 2013.

  7. Your copy of Anne of Avonlea is just devine! What a lovely find!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  8. Oh goodness what a great score. The mirror is a real beauty!
    I adore the jewelry and the dresses.
    It's been slim picking around here the past week or so. Once they sold off all the Christmas stuff the shelves have been a little bare in our thrifts. I hope they fill them soon. *haha* I think the problem was not enough volunteers during the holiday season.

  9. Lovely lovely lovely! I especially love the MIRROR and the last frock - can't wait to see you model it for us! Sarah xxx

  10. Great finds love the dresses and the mirror i was trying to be cheeky and was looking through it at your lovely home. dee xx

  11. Wow! Amazing haul. The mirror is just gorgeous!! I really love that cot blanket, so cute! You just had to have it! What's in part 2?

  12. The multi coloured frock and the beads and the mirror are rocking my world!
    I guess people are clearing out as part of a New Years resolution?! I better get my butt out there and see what I can find! (I totally thought of you when I scored the Pyrex bowl the other day, incidentally!)
    I'm on a bit of a kitchen binge at the mo, I want pretty retro things for the kitchen. Which reminds me, I must show off the fabulus tins G got me!

  13. I love old mirrors too, yours is lovely. My nan always had one hanging in the living room; I think I should have taken it when her house was cleared but there was only so much room in our tiny flat to put things. But on the plus side, we sort of acquired a lovely old mirror (very heavy) when we moved from our last home to here. It had simply been left behind and wasn't on the inventory and if it had of been left it would have been in landfill by now so it came with us.
    I love those beads!

  14. Oh what a lovely mirror sweet - bah, we all gotta have at least one big oppie spend up, it's mandatory! And sometimes something we find is just worth it! Still, it's always gonna be cheaper than the usual outlets. And girl, as usual you've picked up the sweetest tooled a purse. I can't find tooled leather in my oppies to save my life!! xxox

  15. All good stuff, but that last multi-colored dress is so great!! I would totally wear that constantly :)

  16. We share and affinity for mirrors and old Anne books.
    I once found a 1920s copy of Rainbow Valley in Restore. Squee!!


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