Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Inspiration

We had a delicious dinner at my besties place a few weeks back, which meant I had an opportunity to photograph some of my favourite things around the living room. Miss J has an amazing home with lots of space for her quirky collections. Her eye for style is inspiring to say the least...........

 Miss J found this genuine bus roll years before they became the "in" thing!

We share a thing for deers.....and antlers

 Orange rocking chair from the PAC

 A random rusty old trap

 Old school counting board

 I talked Miss J into buying the yellow West German vase from an op shop, & she's glad she did.

 Some chairs we found at Endos

 50 cent lamp from a garage sale

One thing that's still on my wish list, a printers tray.

 Old industrial egg separator, with a super spunk behind it.

 Orange Kelco cups & saucers from the Suitcase Rummage

Thanks for ALWAYS inspiring me & for sharing the vintage joy my dearest Miss J.


  1. How wonderful that you have such a dear and wonderful friend that you share such a passion as much as one another. X

  2. Your right she has style to spare....just like you do....thanks for sharing! Heidi

  3. Wow, great place. I thought it was a vintage showroom at first :)

  4. Your friend has a great eye for the interesting and the quirky. Is that why she likes you?! It's great to have a good friend to go vintage hunting with, who doesn't think you are bonkers for squealing with delight over an old handbag or some table mats or a printer's tray! xxx

  5. These are all so adorable! Everything definitely has a great vintage feel to it.


  6. Woah, picture after picture of wonderousness (not sure if there is such a word). xx

  7. O,wow, Miss J sure does have brillant taste!!!
    So much goodness, and some really unusual pieces!
    Kermie and Super Spunk just add to the visual feast!
    Thanks for sharing, and thakns Miss J for letting you!
    Have I got enough exclamation marks?

  8. So much gloriousness for my eyes at this very late hour, I absolutely love Miss J's home. The yellow German vase is beautiful against the deep purple wall and I love her bottle collection and fan:). It must be a joy for you both to visit one another's houses:)) xoxo

  9. utterly amazing house, your bestie has taste - as do you! So many cool things - I want one of those bus rolls and they used to be cheap too! xxx


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