Friday, 4 January 2013

MisFits Frock Friday

I was super surprised to find a package at my door this week from our fabulous Misfit Sarah. She purchased a frock from my Facebook page, & naturally I had to pass on a few extra goodies to her (you can read more about that here), & she sent these vintage treats my way. 

All wrapped up in vintage patterns, with a postcard of Helga & G!

Red 1970's St Michaels tote bag
It's nice & BIG & my first official RED bag!

 DVD with the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn which I've not seen before

 3 sweet vintage hankies

 Kitch yet pretty Aussie square table cloth

 Sunny yellow vintage shoe lasts
Now I have a "real" collection with 3 sets! Squee!!!

Vintage card set in case

And this sublime skirt that was originally sent to Sarah by our dear Helga, & now it's in my hot little hands. It's a wonderful shade of green, with red ric rac & silver & yellow trim at the hem. Wonderful for twirling about.

Thank you darling Sarah for spoiling me!!!!!
Now if only Sarah could teach me to pose for the camera as well as she does!

Naturally I just had to wear the skirt today. Mr P & I visited the Brisbane Antique Centre for the very first time down at Logan which opened back in October. We were both pretty impressed, & in the end I had to drag my hubby away! My favourite stall would have to be  Remember When....lovely Chris stocks the most desirable vintage clothing & accessories. I was rather tempted by a cotton skirt, & Mr P would have bought the navy shirt had it been the right size. We came away with a few purchases (which I can't discuss here as they are gifts), but the prices were really reasonable, & I'm sure it will only get better as they continue to fill the enormous space.

Some donkey burros for Rockstar Sarah

Hats fit for our Queen  Helga

I loved this little clock with a ballet dancer that spins around.


Mr P modeling the navy shirt

The patchwork effect cotton skirt

Outfit Details......

Green skirt - from Spectacular Fabularse Sarah
Black beads - Op shopped
Handmade fabric brooch - Lil Buttons Lil Bows
Green flower ring - Retail
Black damascene bracelet - Auckland Textiles Fair
Black bangle - Op shopped
Crochet bag - Retro Metro
Singlet, shoes & crochet top - Retail


  1. Oh a wee bit jealous you've checked out Brisbane Antique centre. Can't wait for catch ups to have a wander around. Lovely package from Sarah how sweet of her. Rather sweet on the shoe lasts. X

  2. Oh a parcel of joy from Sarah is always good for the soul, she sends such fabulous things! Love that skirt, and the bag, and yellow shoe trees, and the tablecloth. All of it, in fact!
    The antiques centre looks wonderful for browsing and rummaging and trying on... Did you get the patchwork skirt? It's lovely! xxxx

  3. Ooh! That patchwork skirt looks so lovely with that top! I can't believe you put that one back on the rack haha. I got a vintage dress in the mail today off e-bay. It's a navy blue silk one and its quite formal and very "twirly" and pretty, but it doesn't fit me! :(

    What size are you? I could possibly send it your way if you're keen? xxx

    1. Your dress sure sounds pretty....I'm usually a size 12, but I tend to be a 14/16 in vintage sizes. The frock must be huge on you if it would fit me!! Xx

    2. I'm a 10 usually, so it might fit! E-mail me your address and I'll send it up. If its not your style or whatever just do what you like with it :) xx

  4. Sarah is a rockstar! and so are you! That green skirt was made for you, and the bag is awesome. Did you get that patchwork skirt? I hope so! xxx

  5. That outfit is sooooooo cute and I love the table cloth!

  6. The gifts, the antique fair, your skirt!! IT'S ALL TOO MUCH!
    I have now been thrown into a vintage madness fit and NEED to go out thrifting before I end up going into non-shopping fits. *heheh*

  7. Oh, the antique centre looks amazing, but I must tell you how nice it is to see you in a skirt and you look lovely. The top - is it lace? - is a great contrast to the green.

    1. It's that crochet look that's around all of the shops at the moment....well over here anyway. I like the fact the top distracts the eye from my pudgy belly! Lol. Xx

  8. I love your blog so much that I nominated it for the Liebster Award! Please click the link to find out more :)

    1. Thanks for the nomination! So sweet of you. Xx

    Hats to DIE for! AND so many fabularse goodies to drool over!
    YAY for parcels of joy, so glad you'll get to enjoy the skirt, and o, those cards and tablecloth are brillant!!! Nice red bag too.Every gal needs a red bag!
    Looking like a dream, my darling!

  10. Yah! A package of joy - how lovely. Such an beautiful skirt:D I love that clock with a ballerina in it too:D

  11. Oh yay! You look absolutely GORGEOUS in the fab green skirt and I'm so pleased you love it! That antique centre looks so fun - the burros are AMAZING!!! I also love the macrame owls and that ballerina clock is fabularse - like YOU, dear Leisa! Big hugs - hope you having a SPLENDID weekend! Sarah xxx

  12. Oh gawd I must get my arse down to Logan and visit the antique's centre - you make it look so very, very inviting! A parcel from Sarah must have been the highlight of your day and I ADORE the green skirt with the gorgeous braiding! How to Steal a Million is my favourite Audrey movie and I always love Peter O'Toole:). We're going down to the antique's fair at Jupiter's tomorrow - wonder if I'll see you there? Have a fabulous weekend love! xo

  13. oohhhh that centre looks like a great place for a moouch around i loved that clock and that pink floaty dress your stood next to. Bless Sarah what gorgeous gifts she sent you, you look gorgeous in the skirt and that red bag is lovely. dee x


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