Monday, 7 January 2013

I Do You Do We All Fondue

My Mum came over one day before Christmas with her arms full of treasures to pass onto me. A friend was clearing out her things & wondered if I'd be interested in these things....
Would I???
I think we know the answer to that!

 My first fondue set in as new condition
Orange & with all the original bits & pieces

 An insulated jug

 A complete set of white canisters with gold accents

 GREEN Japanese made gravy boat & dish

And one of my Mum's dearest friends Aunty Junith passed on a couple of things too......

 Original Sunbeam hair dryer

 Which now tops my suitcase stack

Plus an anodised Italian cream whipper with the original receipt from 1972

And Mum picked me up a couple of frocks from an op shop sale.
This Jonathon Summers frock fits perfectly
Isn't the matching belt just gorgeous!?!
I can't wait for it to cool down a bit so I can wear this polyester pretty.


  1. You know I'm dying and swooning all at the same time right now. I've been hanging for a fondue set. The canisters are sublime. The gravy boat.....well there's nothing to be said there, it's obvious. The hair dryer my goodness. Then the frock is ever so sweet and I loveeee the print. X

  2. Wow - your mum is a star! I'm jealous of that orange fondue set, I'm not sure I'd ever use it:P

  3. I am SO jealous of your goodies! You scored big time! Congrats!

  4. Oooh, I got a fondue set for christmas of my brother, but mine isn't vintage, nor is it orange like yours :(

    I love aaalllll of these gorgeous things, but thatcanister set would have me squealing woth delight if I were you! xx

  5. OMG you lucky duck those canisters are gorgeous i would sooo love to own those its so hard to get them over here and when you do see them they sell for stupid money. You enjoy them and all the other lovely goodies. dee xx

  6. I have that exact same jug! I believe it's an ice bucket, and it belonged to my grandmother.
    Loving the canisters - I have a thing for plastic ware.

  7. Isn't you mum a darling? Great fondue set - does any colour say 1970s quite like bright orange?!
    Love the canister set and the jugs and the pretty frock too.
    How is the heat, are you coping, and are you in a safe spot? I am concerned for my Aussie friends... xxxxx

  8. wow! your mum is fab, great to have a Mum who has a good eye for all things vintage. The fondue set is a wonderful colour and in perfect condition! The canisters are amazing and I love the green jug too. That dress is very sweet, I love the belt too! xxx

  9. Oh sweet we have the same fondue set!!!!! Yay!!!! What truly wonderful things to be given!!! Thanks mummy and lovely person who was clearing out such wonderful treasure.
    That dress is super cute, I think you will look so very pretty in it.
    Sending love V

  10. Oh I had a set just like that and then got rid of it, because I did not use it!! Dang, I wish I had kept it now. I think your Mum is awesome and her friends, for passing on such wonderful treasures. I am in total lust with the white plastic containers......I agree about polyester and the heat, its been hot here too. Hope the heat is not too extreme, take care,

  11. Ahhhh! Love the canisters! gorgeous and the fondue set, brilliant for dinner parties!

  12. THOSE CANNISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Mum knows you waaaaaay to well - not only did she save some lovely goodies for you, but she also picked a frock out for you that looks beautiful! Haha, I'm slowly learning the lesson about wearing polyester in the heat...cue factory strength deoderant!

  13. I have clearly had my head up my own BUM, as I have missed a plethora of fabularse posts from you! The bonus is a visual feast, I guess!
    SQUEEEEEEEEEEE all over the place!!! I have been looking for a good fondue set for ages! I ruined one years ago....yours is gorgeous! And o MY, did you ever get some fantasmo goodies! Anodised stuff is awesome, isn't it?! I'm only recently fancying it, for some reason.
    The frocks, the hairdryer, the mirror!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Love love LOVE!


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