Friday, 18 January 2013

Goin to the Chapel

I haven't been to this church since I was a little girl. It used to be open all day every day, & my friend & I would ride our bikes there to play. One day we crept inside & it was dark, but there were a few gothic girls dressed in black with candles at the altar. It was so creepy, we thought they were having some kind of sacrificial ceremony. This is the first time I'd been back since then, & it was far less creepy then I remembered.

I bought this cotton frock from Nelly at Vintage Wishes. I love the lime green apples, combined with the navy & white polkadots. It buttons up the back & has two huge pockets. I think it's a new favourite!

Outfit Details........

Vintage frock - Vintage Wishes
Flower brooch - Christmas gift from my sweet Michelle
Old green brooch & white ring - from my Mum
Gold bangle & bracelet - Antique fairs
Green ring - $2 shop
Navy beads - Salvos
Lime beads - Onehunga NZ
Belt, shoes & crochet vest - Retail


  1. Oh man, that is one adorable dress! You can never go wrong with pockets. The church is beautiful, and I love that it's shaded by the trees.

  2. Oh sweet Nelly, I miss her blog and don't do facebook...
    Such a gorgeous summery frock/fabric - it looks lovely on you VBG.

  3. LOVE the gorgeous frock - it's perfect on you Leisa! Love the pretty church building too - I wouldn't be able to help myself - I'd be in there with a long goth dress, waaaay too much eyeliner and some candles too! Sarah xxx

  4. Darling, that apple frock is HEAVENLY! (pun intended)
    The apples are perfect Granny Smiths! they were my fave apple in Australia, sadly in NZ they're terrible! I had to switch to Braeburns. I'm very fussy about my apples.This gorgeous frock also reminds me of Green Apple shamppo! Sarah will likely remember it too. It was popular back in the 70's.There may have been a body spray too.Delicious!
    I adore little wee churches,they're always so twee and sweet. I would have been a bit startled by the Gothy girls...or maybe I was one! I'm not telling!
    You always do the best accessory shots-I'm inspired!

  5. Oh it fits you with perfection. As much as I adored the dress and would have nabbed it a nano-second if you hadn't, it is SUBLIME on you. Oh and the pockets......*sigh*. You have perfectly accessorised this beauty my dear. The church looks very sweet, lovely location for an outfit post.

  6. Cute dress, love the pocket details, suits you just BRILLIANTLY!!

  7. What a sweet little chapel! It's adorable. I have such a soft spot for small churches and you get so many over here, not that you can go in too many as they have taken to now locking the majority of them as the little ones are in very remote areas. That dress is co cute!

  8. Gorgeous dress and love the little cardi too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Oh my, the dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love the apple image and it's combined with polka dots too - perfection. You look stunning. xx

  10. Blue and green should def been seen you look gorgeous. Love your outfit. And that little chapel is such a sweet building. dee xx

  11. I saw that dress on VW page and thought WOW THAT IS THE CUTEST DRESS EVER... Then I seen it was SOLD then I SAW WHO BOUGHT IT AND THOUGHT!
    She will look great in that dress and I wasn't so sad anymore. *hahaha*
    Beautiful pictures!
    That little church looks so sweet.

  12. I love those little tin churches, they're so interesting. I adore your dress, it's just so sweet!! xxx

  13. Your apple frock completely blasted me out of my seat! Especially with the white trim pockets. I think I might have to drag The Stylist to a local chapel that looks similar to the one you've snapped here. What a beautiful set of pics!!! I remember Green Apple shampoo too - loved it! xoxo

  14. Oh what a gorgeous frock! Great apple print, and green is always good, right?
    Pretty little church too, lovely photos. I can just imagine Helga as one of the Goth girls being dramatic and spooky! xxx

  15. The church and the dress are both gorgeous Leisa! What a weird experience though with those gothic gals....I'm suprised it didn't scar you for life! I think your bright & bubbly personality and outfit would have banished any lingering goth vibes haha xx


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