Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Garage Sale Extravaganza

I don't get to check out garage sales very often due to the limited days that I'm able to go out, but when I saw some ads for a couple of local sales, I knew it might just be worth the effort despite the heat. All I can say is I was not disappointed.
One was a lady who used to sell at the Gabba Antique Centre, who has moved all of her stock into a storage shed. It was huge.... I think I only saw about 10% of what she had. I bought the old pop up opera glasses below & a couple of frocks. The other garage sale was some house clearance stock from a couple who call themselves the Aussie Pickers. They have quit their regular jobs, & are picking for old treasures full time. They were the nicest people, & they gave me some of this stuff for free, with the most expensive price being $1. And how funny is best friend was at the same garage sale about an hour before me, & my Mum about a half hour before me, but none of us knew it until later. Great minds do think alike!

Red pop up folding opera glasses $5

Old Stuff.
1-old tin
2-pyrex bowls
3-tissue case
4-wood ice bucket
5-bird mirror
6- same as 3
7-kitsch cow butter dish
8-wooden fish
9-avon brush & comb valet set

Above are the accessories I took home with me....bags galore, sunnies & gloves.

A fancy vintage cotton shirt for Mr P 50cents

Kenwall 50's cotton frock (Too small for me)

Vintage David Jones maxidress $1
I can just squeeze into this one!

Vintage clothing.

Original vintage cowboy shirt for Mr P $1. He's been after one of these for ages!

My poor old laptop hard drive is going in to get fixed this week & maybe gone for a while. I've scheduled a few posts for the coming weeks, but if I don't visit your blogs or make comments you'll know why! The timing couldn't be better really as we are heading to the Coast during some time, sunshine, relaxation, rest, markets, op shops, food & coffee. All of my favourite things. I'll catch up with you soon.


  1. Oh goodness gracious you've done well. It would be a crime to not have grabbed the opera glasses, very lovely. How well did you do with the clothes, what a little haul. That Kenwall frock is just delightful with what looks like a gorgeous twirly skirt to the dress. Would you believe I have seen that pattern in the Myer frock a rare thing to say about a vintage frock that you've seen a pattern before, but it is also lovely. Mr P has done well with some lovely shirts. I hope you both have a splendid time away, I hope it's restful and relaxing for you both. X

  2. Ooh, I love all your finds. How much fun would it be to be the pickers :) hope enjoy your trip away. I have been very slack these holidays, not blogging or doing anything really, just bumming around, taking the kids to the pool and lots of reading. Have work next week which will be a shock to the system for sure!

  3. Wow! You hit the jackpot lady!! I haven't been to a garage sale for the longest time, but they are always a blast and often have the best prices. I'm looking forward to seeing you rock that maxi dress - it really looks lovely. I hope you have a great break:)

  4. Wowsers. I bloody well love a good Garage Sale and you hit the jackpots. I am in Brisbane myself and I can't believe I didn't hear about these!!! Jealous!!

  5. OH MY GODZILLA! That is a yuuuuuuuuuuuuuge haul! Well done...super jelly

  6. Fabulous finds - I especially love the flowery tin.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Loving the DJs maxi!! i'd be squeezing into it too if it were mine! Hope you have a lovely break.xx.

  8. FECK you've discovered the holy grail of vintage honey!!!!! The opera glasses are gorgeous and all the bags and sunnies, the Mister's new shirt is utterly glorious as is the Kenwall frock (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!) and maxi frock!!!! Isn't it incredible you were there shortly after your mum and bestie? Have a whale of a time at the beach love, you totally deserve a long, relaxing break:) Big hugs xoxoxoxo

  9. Wow how much stuff did you find :-) Loving the first 2 dresses that green and purple one is gorgeous. And im also loving the rose tin and the cow butter dish thats so cute. Hope you manage to sort your laptop out quickly. take care, dee xx

  10. Leisa, you did GOOD! So many gorgeous things, but you won't be surprised to know that it's that fabulous maxi which has really caught my eye. Squeeze in and rock that beauty!
    Love the 50s frock, the pink tiered frock, the shirts for your man, the bird mirror, the bags and sunnies - what a lot of treasure!
    Enjoy your trip, keep well, and happy op shopping! xxxxx

  11. I love the bird mirror and that turquoise shirt is fabulous as is the cotton fifties dress!

  12. wow!! You got soooooo much. I love days like that, when you find so much. I'm really drawn to those bizarre wooden fish! And I love the 50s dress, shame it doesn't fit, cos those colours would be perfect on you! xxx

  13. Such gorgeous finds! You always do so well, Leisa! I'm absolutely aching to go op shopping now i'm up the coast. I checked out the ones in Cooly and was a little disappointed so I might have to broaden my range :)

  14. Oh how sweet is that bluebird mirror - how big is it doll? It's gorgeous! And all those clothes, hello!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed when you said your Ma and bestie had been there before you - talk about soul mates. Enjoy your little break my dear, it's much deserved xxx


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