Friday, 30 November 2012

Osti Frock Friday

I found this Osti brand dress at a garage sale where a girl was selling her Grandma's clothes. Osti dresses are quite common here in Australia.  Frank Theeman OSTI – started as a lingerie designer in 1970 then created the famous Osti dress in the mid 1970s. Today the Osti dress is synonymous with 1970s retro dressing.  I have a few already. I wasn't so sure about the high neckline & the lower waist, but Mr P assured me I didn't look like "too much" of a Nana in it.

Outfit details......

Osti frock - $4 Garage sale
Crochet cardi - Retail
Knucklebone beads - Thrifted
Old rings - childhood
Old bracelet - Treasured Tam
Shoes - Rubi

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mumma Mia

I've said it before & I'll say it again, I am blessed to have an amazing Mum. She knows me so well, she's one of my best friends, & she enjoys op shopping almost as much as me. She often comes baring gifts from her op shop visits. She bought me these vintage sheets when she was traveling through some country towns around Tenterfield with Dad....

I think she still feels guilty about chucking out my childhood Holly Hobby sheets!

Mum grabbed these vintage sewing patterns & magazines for me at her craft group swap table....and has offered to sew them for me as well. Isn't she a gem!
I just need to relearn my home economics skills.

 LOVE the green one above

Some old mags.....

 Advert for Clarks shoes

 Frock envy...I LOVE them all!

Scary how kids were dressing in 1967!

 1975 Scholl footwear
Check out the GREEN ones!

 The 1975 Ford Escort

Back when persinware scales were new!

A wee Christmas deer.

Plus the Concise Crochet Book from the early 70's

How awesome are those kids outfits!
So funny!

A raunchy rocking chair pose

Thanks Mum!
I love you. Xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Stuff from the Swich

Ipswich is about 40 minutes west of Brisbane. Brisbane Street in Ipswich has some lovely old buildings. It still has a big country town feel to it. There are quite a few new cafes including one hidden in a laneway called Bon Laneway Cafe. There is a gorgeous store called Cultiver with all sorts of up-cycled vintage & handmade goods. Unfortunately some of the op shops on the main street have closed, but there are still 4 good ones there, & a few a short drive away. 

Here are the things I found at the Swich op shops........

 Pretty old large tin with a tray style lid
East Ipswich Lifeline

Damascene bracelet with birds
Ipswich Vinnies

 Vintage turquoise bracelet
Ipswich Hospice Op Shop

Plus a Nana frock which will make it's debut on a coming Frock Friday.
Happy thrifting for the week ahead!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Doreen Frock Friday

My hubby & I spent the day out at Ipswich. Even though I was born out west in Dalby, I can't remember ever spending time in the city of Ipswich. We had lunch at one of the new cafes in town, & checked out a couple of antique stores, & of course had a fossick in the op shops. It was a fun day, (can you say that about Ipswich??) although a bit too warm for my liking. I found a vintage house dress, two bracelets & an old tin for a total of $10 at 3 op shops.

When we got home Mr P went to the fridge & said the items inside weren't cold anymore. Turns out our fridge must have died last night (it is 18 years old so I guess it's no surprise!). So after getting home from Ipswich we had to go out & buy a fridge, which won't be delivered until Sunday. So our fridge contents are being stored in various eskys. Lets just hope the ice doesn't melt too soon. It's extra annoying because we've had so many things kark it in the last month.....2 guitar amps, 2 computers, our washing machine & now the fridge. I've heard things come in threes, but sixes is bordering on ridiculous!

Now back to Frock Friday.....

This is the cotton frock I bought at Nigel & Daphne on K-Road in Auckland. I love cotton house-dresses. The print & colour of this one makes me smile, & it reminds me of my Nana Doreen. My Nana always wore frocks around the house & when she went out. I only wish I had discovered my love for vintage before she died 14 years ago, I would have had so much fun raiding her wardrobe!

Outfit Details......

Vintage frock - Nigel & Daphne
Button necklace - Kellie Christie
Green brooch - Little Black Brooch
Button ring - Dolly Did It
Typewriter bracelet - from Mr P
Vintage bag - Thrifted
Belt & shoes - Retail
Sunglasses - Ray Bans