Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Treasured Parcel

I received a wonderful box of goodies this week from the lovely Tam of A Treasured Past.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning unwrapping each parcel, & I was blown away by her kindness. I LOVE every single's funny that someone could know my tastes so well when we've never met in the flesh. I was so excited to have a couple of Tam's handmade creations too. She makes the most beautiful jewellery with vintage stamps, & she gave me some gorgeous handmade hair clips, & a green button necklace. 
You can check out her jewellery range on Tam's blog & also on her facebook page. Tam has an amazing collection of vintage treasures. I love reading her blog & seeing glimpses of her home & the interesting things she finds.

A funky retro owl for my kitchen

An old herb cannister

A vintage touristy napkin ring

Bird notebook & gift tag

Some pretty pages from an old book

A sweet deer children's book

A divine framed ballet dancer needlepoint which is now in our bedroom

Funky green first pinny style one

Green fabric bag which is a super handy size

A chunky goldtone bracelet.

A wee plastic deer to add to my collection. It belonged to Tam when she was a little girl. How special is that!

Beads, beads & more beads.....Yes please!!!

LOVE the green choker beads, rosary beads & white bangles

Thank you so much Tam for brightening my day. It means the world to me. Xx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blue Frock Friday

This weeks Frock Friday is coming a little early. Mr P & I are off to the Sunshine Coast tonight for a long weekend at our family unit. I'm hoping my body will cooperate & let me visit my favourite coast op shops...I'm in need of a fix! I'll have about 16 stores to choose from so I might have to be selective. I think a dip in the ocean might be good medicine too...although there won't be any photographic proof of that. Which you'll thank me for.

This frock was one of those exciting vintage finds, "new with tags". There is something extra special about finding something old that's never been worn before. I bought this one at Retro Metro in Paddington. Thankfully it's a cool poly frock....I didn't think cool + polyester was possible!

 Outfit Details........

Ducat frock - Retro Metro
Tooled handbag - Ebay
Shoes & belt - Retail
Ring - Diva
Vintage brooch/pendant, Vintage brooch & bracelet 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dreamy Green Coat

 My favourite nursing home op shop has been shut for months & unfortunately they are closed until next year due to renovations. I've missed the lovely volunteers on my regular visits. When I last popped in they kindly let me have a look at some stock even though they were officially closed. Mr P picked up a Ralph Lauren shirt for $3, & I scored a DIVINE, very old green coat for $3. It's labeled "Stanley's Wearing Apparel Melbourne". It's in a dark green & black stripe, with covered buttons, the cutest collar & fur pockets, & in good condition. I'll never ever wear it here in Queensland (it's long & thick & far too warm), but it would be perfect if I lived in Melbourne or New Zealand. It fits like a dream, so I'll be keeping her for that special chilly occasion. Even though Mr P says sell, sell, could I part with such beauty?


LOVE that old label. And as a bonus there were some palm cards in the pocket from an old theater production!

$3 Ralph Lauren shirt...old style yuppie for Mr P.

Thank you so much for your concern & best wishes regarding my health. My specialist visit was helpful, although there's not a lot I can do but hope my med change kicks in soon. My heart abnormalities are a part of my chronic illness, & after 19 years of that I'm pretty used to the unpleasant ups & downs I face most of the time. It just seems the older I get the more prominent the cardiac problems become. Anyway I will endeavour to make the most of what I've got, as things could always be worse as my Dad would say!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Mayfield Maxi Frock Friday

I hardly ever wear skirts. I think it's because I don't find them as comfy as a frock, & with my pudgy tummy I have to watch how I wear them or I can look too thick around the middle. My maxi skirt from Mayfield had it's first outing today. It's a cool seersucker fabric, reminiscent of a table cloth, which suited a 30 degree day in Brissy. I must admit I've had a rather ordinary week. A medication change has not agreed with my heart condition, & I'm having trouble staying upright for long. I just hope it stabilizes soon because having a body that wants to pass out when upright is not so much fun, & I can't thrift lying down (well except for Ebay of course!). But I can still get frocked up! I'll have an exciting day visiting my specialist in the city tomorrow. He must be the only doctor who works at the weekend...just as well he's worth it.

Quick take that photo before I expire!

Outfit Details......

Vintage skirt - Mayfield Overflow NZ
Green beads - thrifted
Button ring - Dolly Did It at Eumundi Markets
Orange bangle - Great Aunts
Beaded bag -Salvos
Brooch, top, vest & shoes - Retail

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Art Nouveau & Old Thrifted Finds

I seem to be on a roll of finding some good stuff at my local op shops. When I was thrifting with my bestie Miss J, she spotted this beaded bag at Salvos for the grand total of $2. I am so glad she did because I fell in love with it & thankfully it's not really her style. It's a nice big size, & it's quite sturdy with a wooden base, so it should be able to tolerate all the 'just in case' stuff I have in my bag. Oh and it features orange beads! Fabulous!!!!

My local Red Cross op shop had this old mesh bracelet with lovely blue stones for $2

A bit more kitsch for my collection. These Japanese made cranky skunks made me smile for $1. I wonder what's got them so unhappy?

An Art Nouveau trinket box by the Jennings Brothers, number 212. This is very old, made around 1905. Unfortunately the silk lining has deteriorated, but the hinges work fine. At $4 I think it was a good buy!

And now for a bit of history........

Art Nouveau was the most prominent decorative style of jewel box during the early 1900’s, a romantic style noted for its flowing, asymmetrical lines, with motifs relating to nature—flowers and vines, birds, women with flowing hair. While most people today associate Art Nouveau with the graceful “nymph-like” young women, the floral motifs held a major place in the American Nouveau jewelry box world. The “language of flowers” had become a particularly popular concept during the Victorian Period. At the turn of the century, these “sentiments” were also reflected in the Art Nouveau style on jewelry boxes: the four-leaf clover for good luck, daisies for innocence, roses for love and beauty, and so on. 
Jewel boxes were lined with fine pale-colored silks from Japan (sometimes referred to as “Jap silk”) and China, and also with faille (a ribbed silk), satin or sateen, and were often trimmed with a fine twisted satin cord. 
Even though these jewel boxes were “mass-produced,” peak production lasted fewer than 15 years (1904-1918). And remember, the term “mass production” during 1900-1910 held a completely different meaning then than that it does today. Fortunately, we can still discover examples of these (almost) 100-year-old decorative treasures.