Friday, 28 September 2012

Auckland Frock Friday

I got lots of wear out of this Ebay frock while we were away. It was from a French seller, & it is made by Maguitex of France. Unfortunately it's packed away for another year now the weather is so hot here in Brisbane already. How I wish we had a real spring!  On our first day in Auckland I went to the Vintage Textiles Fair in Epsom. It was my second time at the fair, & it's held in a large show room filled with vintage fabrics, linens, sewing supplies, clothing & accessories. Nothing really grabbed me, & the prices were fairly high so I was very restrained & only came away with a bead necklace. It was a shame it didn't work out that I could see Trees while she was in Auckland, but hopefully we'll catchup on our next visit.

Among the lambs at Cornwall Park. I love how the sheep & cattle roam free only 10 minutes from the city centre.

Outfit Details......

French frock - Ebay
Green coat - Retro Metro in Paddington
Vintage bag - Blenheim Road Recycle Shop
Bead necklace - gift from Miss Vanessa
Flower brooch - Dunedin
Bead ring - Queenstown
Typewriter bracelet - gift from Mr P
Boots, belt, tights, scarf - Retail

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Out of Ashes

 Christchurch was such a beautiful city before the February 2011 earthquake. It is quite a shock to see the damage & demolition throughout the city centre, & it is heartbreaking that so many historic buildings have been reduced to rubble. We still enjoyed our few days in Christchurch, even if it's not quite the same as it once was, it's still got something special. We went to the ReStart Mall, but we mostly spent our time exploring the suburbs & any thrift shops I laid my eyes on. I must say my favourite op shop was the Addington Salvos.

We stayed in a 1960's cottage in Riccarton.

We visited a few vintage shops including the Ferry Antique Centre & Foragers. We were hoping to meet Miss Vanessa of Two Squirrels while we were on the South Island, but our paths didn't cross this time as they had just begun their road trip. Vanessa left a little package of treasures for me at Foragers. Isn't she the sweetest????!! Thank you darling Miss V!

A handmade fabric bag
Handmade brooch....with the cutest wee bird
Vintage beads....GREEN of course!

Ferry Antiques & Foragers

The city centre & re-start mall area below

I was overwhelmed with sadness when I saw what remains of the Two Squirrels old shop Tete-a-Tete Vintage. This wee building was built in 1860 & is one of the oldest in Christchurch. There are plans for it to be removed & hopefully restored once again. It was so eery seeing the signs of Vanessa & Warren's beloved business, & glimpses of things that remain trapped inside. I'm grateful to have sweet memories of that beautiful store.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pinch me I'm in Mayfield

Mayfield is a small country town near Methven on the South Island of New Zealand. I had heard about the Mayfield Overflow store from sweet Miss H of Boo Love Vintage. When I saw her photos I knew I had to take a detour to see this store for myself. It's a bit like a vintage urban legend, like one of the best vintage dreams you could have. It's rarely open, but you can call the owner & she might pop in & open it for you. It just happened to be open when we drove past, which was a miracle in itself. I was excited & so impressed when I first walked in, I really didn't know where to begin. Mr P told me there were more rooms further back....MORE???? It was one of those shaking & hyperventilating with excitement moments. My heart rate was going through the roof & I was totally overwhelmed in a wonderful kind of way. This place has EVERYTHING you could want....vintage clothing, accessories, hats, shoes, bags, china, nick-nacks, fabric, kitchen things, books & on & on. It is SO worth a visit, I felt it was almost worth the plane fare alone. One thing to note is that nothing is priced. The owner says that way she doesn't have to open every day. So I had to take armfuls of stuff to the counter & ask for the prices. Clothing is priced from $10, bags $5, nick-nacks $2. Jewellery seemed to be a bit overpriced to me compared to everything else. After an hour & a half I was thoroughly exhausted from all that adrenaline, & I had to drag Mr P away, as he kept going around again to see what he had missed. He seemed particularly taken with a Seventeen magazine from the early 1970's of all things. I think you could spend hours here as there is so much to see.

The store owner even has old junk piled in her van in front of the shop! Organized chaos I think.

First glimpses inside

Getting stuck into the clothing

The outside overflow of Overflow....junk paradise!

My sister & I spent countless hours on our round-a-bout seesaw when we were young.

A pile of clothes to try on

Hmmm to maxi or not to maxi???

The china room

HUGE fabric stash!

Hats galore

And back to all that clothing!

It's like a dream!

Even Mr P had a ball

Step away from the 17 Magazine Mr P!

I can't wait to go back again!

 Mayfield Klondyke Rd
   New Zealand
Tel:  03 303 6072

So what did I buy?????? I tried on stacks of stuff, but I was quite restrained in the end.

A couple of vintage maxi skirts

 A 1970's frock

A few badges thrown in for free

 A kitschy deer salt & pepper shaker

 A frolicking fawn

A groovy old bag