Sunday, 29 July 2012

Thrifted Finds with a Crochet Theme

Here are a few things I've found at my local op shops lately...........

I seem to be finding crocheted things at the moment. I do like this large bag, probably used for ones knitting? It has two long metal knitting needles across the top & large pipe style handles.

My local Salvos was having a half price sale so I got this black vintage stretch belt for $1

I know this crochet contraption is a little weird, but I like it & figured it would be useful for storing something....maybe scarves. It was made as a peg basket, & an ice cream container sits inside....Genius!

Some new old stockings in the original box 50cents.

Another Granny square crochet cushion (see what I mean about all the crochet?) This one is nice & large.

A sweet little 60's? vase.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Lime Frock Friday

I've succumbed to a winter lurgy, so I'll be laying low for a few days. Nothing like a bit of Lime green to brighten my day. This frock was an Ebay purchase from the USA. The fabric is a thick crimplene in lime green. I don't wear it very often because I can't bear the thickness when it's warm, but it works well for winter. 

Lime green bag - thrifted
Lime green ring - $2 shop
Gold bangle & bracelet - antique fairs
Fabric brooch - thrifted
Cardigan, tights & boots - retail

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Feeling a bit Saucy

My dear Nana Doreen had a lovely white metal outdoor set. I remember it fondly. It had the coolest saucer chairs with padded seats in orange floral vinyl. I was horrified to find out my Dad had chopped up the chairs so that he could toss them in the bin! These things always seem to happen in my family. My mum sold a beautiful beveled edge antique mirror at a car boot sale for $5, & my Dad sold his gorgeous 1950's Morris car for a grand total of $200. It seems you have to make your claim quick in my family, or the item maybe disposed of! At least they didn't get rid of the original table.

Anyway lately I have been obsessed with finding an outdoor set like the one my Nana had & after much searching I stumbled across a listing on Ebay for 2 white saucer chairs. And it was buy it now, so I did. I paid $50 for the pair which seemed like a good deal, as the sets have been selling for over $200 on Ebay & for double that in the vintage stores. Kitty had a lovely set for sale here at the WAC. I am so happy to cross something else off my vintage wish list. I think the lesson here is to keep on waiting for the right thing to come your way at the right time. Now if only my dream sideboard would appear next!

Please excuse the umbrella base in the photo.

I have to admit mine aren't as pretty as Kitty's. Isn't it amazing what some fresh powder-coating can do!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Garage Sale Goodies

I don't often get the chance to go to garage sales on a Saturday, but occasionally I will make the effort if a local one is advertised as vintage. I scored all of the goodies below for a total of $9.

Mr P & I have been looking out for a roaring deer painting ever since we got our deer antlers from a farm in New Zealand. I scored this F. Bossi artwork for $3. Now I just need to get it framed.

I also got this old tapestry thrown in for free.

White vanity case that was filthy but scrubbed up okay. It was in the free pile. It has sweet pink lining.

Large vintage tin

Old Katy book

A wee Japanese made deer.

A groovy glazed jug/vase.

A little green canister/sugar bowl

Persinware kitchen scales also from the free pile.

I'm linking up with Sophie over at  Her Library Adventures flea market finds. I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. Xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

Retro Metro Frock Friday

Last Saturday after attending the Love Vintage Fair in Brisbane, Miss J & I went to Paddington for some op shop therapy. I bought this dress from the Retro Metro outlet. It came in with tags, never worn. I didn't think it would suit me, as I have always avoided wearing white or beige as it usually makes me look washed out. I broke my own fashion rules, as I couldn't resist the zip & collar detailing.

Outfit Details........
Tapestry brooch worn as a necklace - thrifted
Green floral ring - Each to Own
Old Japanese bracelet - from my childhood
White porcelain bird brooch - Suitcase Rummage
Plastic beaded bag - thrifted
Cardigan, belt, boots & tights - retail

Mr P & I dropped into the Woolloongabba Antique Centre after running our errands. Here are a few things that caught my eye today..........

I love lamps....especially GREEN ones!

I was so tempted to buy the birdy cross-stitch above. I resisted. Lets hope I don't regret it!

Love the shabby blue painted furniture.

Deers always make me smile.

Love the cushion fabric.

One of my favourite stalls above from The Old Boathouse.

And me in my happy place.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Would You Wear a Quilt?

I spied this handmade quilted skirt at Salvos last week. The fabric & detailing is AMAZING! It's just like a patchwork quilt, but in skirt form! It's thick & heavy like a real quilt too. It has lace, applique, embroidery & lots of different vintage fabric squares. It's really a piece of art. I really don't know whether I would wear it. I love it, but it is a full skirt, so I look very hippy (as in hips & thighs, not hippy cool like Vix!). I'm afraid I'll look like a walking doona. It might work if you played up it's fullness with a crinoline (but I don't own one of those yet!). At $8 I had to get it, & it is hanging on display on our bedroom wall. Mr P spied it in bed the other night, & when I showed it to him, even he was impressed with the amazing workmanship & gorgeous detailing. That's saying something when a man oohs & aahs over patchwork!